All the complaining

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so much complaining ever. I’ll take the hate from anyone because of this post I’m making, however I’m not hating on anyone specifically. The way I see it, I told everyone that Halo Infinite was releasing early. And everyone said “No it’s not, you’re full of it”, now here we are, we all got the game a month early, in a beta form, and it seems like the majority of people aren’t happy. Well…I’ll tell you now, by the real release date I bet they have alot of this fixed. But then again they will never make everyone happy. I will agree that they should’ve known leveling up and challenges should have been better, but the rest to me and the group I play with seems like a pretty amazing Halo multiplayer experience.


The game is amazing. It is a good sign that the progression system seems to be the main issue for most players.

Many other games would be fortunate to be in the same situation where something like that is the main issue, and not the multitude of other issues with the actual gameplay.

(Please add region selection for matchmaking).


That’s kinda how I feel, the gameplay is awesome. And if you look at my service records I’ve been around awhile. I can guarantee that the game will be better on the true release date, maybe sooner. For now everyone should be enjoying it, finding bugs and glitches still. At the same time reporting them to the correct area.


I don’t think it is necessarily people complaining, people are just giving feedback on a BETA, which is what you’re meant to do. There are some major problems with the BETA, however overall the game is enjoyable, I would like the game to flourish, like many other people.


If the current system of monetized and throttled player customization which is angering so many fans isn’t intended as part of the hard launch, that means said throttling systems were implemented just to exploit whomever they could for extra money before the official launch date.

Not saying you’re wrong necessarily, I just want the implication to be clear.


The trouble is, a lot of us on these forums played the early access flights and warned 343 about things like the progression system & aiming a long time ago. Sure they might fix it eventually but if it’s not fixed now then it won’t be by December either.

Plus there are systemic issues like their approach to coatings and the restrictions of the armor system that everyone warned them about when it was announced, yet they’ve followed through.

These things need to be said, because a lot of the features of this game fall way short of what we’ve come to expect & more often than not this is down to deliberate decisions on how these systems will work.

That’s ignoring all of the missing features like forge, gamemodes, a service record & campaign coop.


Six years…
Six years of Develoment and we get predatory microtransactions and 10 maps

six years


You need to complain about something until action is taken to fix it.

If you don’t then the game won’t have that thing you’ve complained about being fixed or removed.

One megathread of XP issues would’ve been better however than 15 a day or something but we will see on release day if its made a difference or not. Fingers crossed it has a positive effect because as the game stands right now, aside from visuals it’s a failure.

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Hopefully it’s just that everyone who is enjoying the game is busy playing it.

I have no problem with people putting up their criticisms and/or suggestions. But it does get a bit annoying when you see the 20th thread on the same issue (can’t the mods amalgamate them into single issue threads).

Oh… and daytime soap dramatics. I don’t read those threads.


If there are 20 threads talking about the same issue…They should fix the issue, instead of shoving it under the rug. I would bet money that this game reaches the December 8th release date as it stands right now, maybe with a more expanded lobby, and not much else fixed.

By the time they get around to fixing the game breaking issues, most people will have moved on to games that get stuff right from day 1.
You don’t get a second chance to make 1st impressions.


There shouldn’t be 20 threads complaining about the same thing, especially when there’s a place to submit a ticket for problems, or everyone should stay on the same thread to complain together. Not to mention 343 CLEARLY stated they are fixing 85% of what everyone is complaining about. So there’s no reason for further “Talking” about the same thing by the majority of the forum. And shove it under the rug? Are you kidding? Name one company that responds in less than 24 hours, or better yet name one company that fixes (puts a patch) in for a game this big in 24 hours. You can’t. And not a single company does it in the middle of a BETA.

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Barely anyone doubts the fun that Halo Infinite offers, it’s the systems that exist around that experience that are detrimental to the game’s long-term viability with people.


Well they announced in the tech preview overview that they are already working on it. Before the BETA even came out.

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A beta is an unfinished product designed to get feedback, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.


You’re missing the point, 30 threads of the same complaint, and half the problems aren’t even going through submit a ticket like they are supposed to.

Feedback also isn’t the same thing as the multiple threads of “I’m done” “if you don’t fix it I’m done playing your game” yata yata

We need some moderation and soon.

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Well, it seems to be the only way to make them get the message … and even then it takes them months / years to implement them…
cough gametypes/playlists cough Halo 5 cough


Too bad it really doesn’t work like that

I’ve been shouting about the progression system for days. But let me tell you something. (Not addressing anyone in specific.)

I’m complaining about aspects of this game because I want it to be good. I’m verbalizing my dissent so they know there’s an issue.

This game is fantastic. Everything about the gameplay makes me go head over heels, and I’m going to be playing for a very long time.


Well, I can’t speak for others, but I’m giving legitimate feedback in my forums.


That is all my point was, thank you though. There’s a big difference between the two.

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