All specializations just disappeared

I went to the list earlier and had:

  • Spartan-IV
  • Wetwork
  • Operator
  • Tracker
  • Operator
  • Pathfinder
  • Stalker
  • Engineer
  • Rogue

Now all I have is:

  • Spartan-IV
  • Wetwork
  • Operator

Anyone else got this issue?
This is with the LE Halo 4 codes.

I just looked this morning and its the same for me. You are not alone. :frowning:

I have none showing up. Brilliant.

The Halo 4 server has some troubles right now, maybe this is the reason :slight_smile:

Unfortunately enough, I woke up this morning excited to play and to my discovery I also had lost all my specializations aside from Spartan IV, Wetwork, and Operator. It’s honestly quite upsetting I was excited for it all.

Game loaded. Lost everything but Spartan-IV, Wetwork andOperator

Yeah it’s the same for me, plus my LE Armor, Emblems, and Skins

i didnt even get them unlocked at all. i used the code and everything but when i go to the specializations menu it says “locked” on all of them and that i have not met the pre requisites

i must be missing something, wetwork, operator, and the others were unlocked for you guys?
for me it’s always showed Spartan IV, wetwork, and operator, but wetwork and operator were always locked.
im confused o.O

LE owners got early access to all the specializations, but yeah, i’m an LE owner, and I just checked, all my exclusive armors that came with preordering, and specializations and all that are all gone.