All seasons 1 battle pass?

I am thinking of buying the battle pass but I do not see that the credits that it costs will be returned to you. Does that mean that every season I will have to buy the pass? Or just once? It is quite confusing for me since in other games buying the pass returns you the total of what it cost you to buy the next one I would greatly appreciate if you can solve me if someone has knowledge why I really want to buy it but not every season I like the game a lot despite playing on xbox one 30 fps is my only complaint about it

You have to buy each season.

Now, what we don’t currently know is if other seasons will even have a free option for the battle pass. But we do know you’ll have to pay for the full battle pass.

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You’ll have to buy the pass to actually work towards the cool rewards during a season.
On the bright side, it’s 10 bucks & doesn’t expire (Even past May 2022).
On the downside, it’s a huge grind. When I say huge grind, I mean huuuuuge & a lot still needs a lot of refining.

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You have to buy it each time and the reason it doesn’t give you the credits back is because unlike other games with battle passes halo infinites battle passes never go away if you could earn all the credits needed to get the next battle pass then everyone would just buy the first pass and never have to buy another and 343 wouldn’t make much money