All right well I had an idea

Ok before I start I want to make one thing VERY clear: I was opposed to Halo 5 in MCC threads since their start, however after thinking, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out a way for the MCC team to do this AND keep Microtransactions out of the game, so read my ideas and let me know what you all think :slightly_smiling_face:

First and foremost:

We all know that Infinite isn’t doing too hot, we also know that MCC is being used as a safety net for Infinite when it inevitably fails, which is why I’m making this thread. So here are my ideas:

The Req System: Weapon and Vehicle certs are now permanent items unlocked through the battlepass, meaning once you have say the Nornfang unlocked, you have unlimited access to it, so long as you are a high enough level to call it in. Random Weapons and Vehicles are now certifications and are unlimited use as well, boosts however such as RP and XP are completely removed.

The armory: Addng chest and shoulder options as their own but making each rank of the battlepass contain at least 2 complete sets of armor would allow Halo 5’s entire armory into a single 100 tier season.

Forge: Ok really the only thing that needs to be done here is scripting getting a little polish here and there, as well is an increase to fileshare limit and private file limit on MCC.

Keep in mind I am fully against just “porting” H5 to MCC, no, 343 would have to make at least the req system changes in order for me to be on board with it. This is just an idea I had a little while ago, and while I’m am in no means advocating H5 to come to MCC, I feel it will inevitably happens, so I made a quick list of ideas that I think would improve the experience.

If this thread gets locked, so be it, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there.


if halo 5 was ever added to the mcc, this would be an ideal way to add it in, but I am still against adding halo 5 to the mcc. I just don’t think it would work well, even if this system was implemented. that being said, halo 5 at the very least needs to be ported to pc. it’s the only mainline halo game that isn’t on pc now

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Why not just port it to PC with less changes?

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I’d just port Halo 5 to PC standalone, keep the microtransactions in, and have limited free multiplayer (essentially just the content and features of Halo 5 Forge and Halo 5 Arena Beta merged into one) with a buy full game option set at like, 40 dollars.

That way it can justify its monetization as well as get people invested in playing the multiplayer, and could even free them up for the chance to consider adding new content down the line.

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I’m curious, what makes you think H5 wouldn’t work well? Or I guess I should ask “If Halo 5 did come to MCC, how would you handle it?”

I’m genuinely curious, because let’s face it, if 343 feels backed into a corner with Infinite and are scrambling for a saving grace, odds are it’s gonna be Halo 5 on MCC. So my question would be, how would we as the community come up with ideas to actually make Halo 5 work well with MCC?

For me removing the one time use reqs and making all reqs permanent unlocks as well as removing the microtransaction portions of the Req system would be a huge step forward.

Because Halo 5 on MCC would likely get more attention with bug fixes than a PC port of the existing version. In all honesty Halo 5 still has some MAJOR bugs that 343 never bothered fixing. So if it were to come to MCC I think that would actually help fix a lot of issues with the game as MCC gets a LOT of attention even now.

Halo 5 is already 60$, the only justified monetization is the Voices of War pack because the money made off that pack goes directly to the Voice Actors and not 343. You can’t justify microtransctions in a AAA 60$ game.

That’s why I said make it 40 dollars as a buy full game option: you only pay 40 for what is essentially just Warzone and Campaign, alongside a few extra matchmaking playlists.

The remainder of the multiplayer is completely free, with all the features based on both Halo 5 Forge and the Halo 5 Arena Beta.

ironically a better model than infinite year 1

Still if you have to pay for a AAA title, especially a first party AAA title, microtransactions should be 100% vacant.

If they brought it over to MCC, there’d be a redundant Xbox version as well. I’d rather them finish Halo 5: Forge and bring that to Steam. Besides, MCC is meant to be for legacy titles. Halo 5 is still fully functional in its current version.


Jamming H5 into the MCC will not only create more bugs, it will make it significantly more difficult to even patch them out. I respect the work the MCC team has put in, but they barely manage with the current game count. H2 and CE are suffering from bugs that are decades old. H5 as a stand-alone port is what’s best for H5 and the MCC.


Well that’s why this is a hypothetical. Reach was added and it added a fair few bugs to the game, which were fixed over time.

A good number of bugs were also added overtime. I don’t believe the UE4 crashes have been fully resolved yet, but the geometry flashing bug is the perfect example of why not to add H5 to the MCC. That bug was introduced well over a year after Reach was ported to the collection. I am thankful Reach is on modern platforms, but good lord that bug made it unbearable to play. For photosensitive folks it must have been a nightmare.

I get that this is a hypothetical, but I believe your reasons for wanting H5 in the MCC are counter to what would most likely happen. When most of these games were ported to PC, it felt like a lot of bugs were introduced with each release. CE had a bug that prevented you from picking up weapons, H2C hitreg was completely busted, and so on. Managing this collection isn’t trivial, and the more games are added the more complexity is introduced. What Halo 5 needs is its own support and a PC port. They are already half way through the door with Halo 5 forge, they just need to bring the campaign and arena/WZ. Halo 5 would necessitate so much unique configurations within the collection that you risk the stability of the everything.


Yeah, over time. After nearly a decade of being out, MCC is finally where it should’ve been in 2014. Let’s not break it again.

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I mean obviously Halo 5 would break a few things, but given how well the MCC has come along and in 2 years, I have faith that the MCC team could fix all those bugs very quickly.


Let’s not break it again.


To add the arena side of H5, and forge, plus the custom game browser, I’m all for it. Thank you. Forget about all of the Req system. Just erase it.

Honestly I’d be cool with just the Arena side of Halo 5.

I think the main question should be whether or not the MCC can even handle it to begin with. Its already bloated as is with all the engines running on it, so I do not think adding another 98 gb game is ideal. Plus, as you said, they will need to rework the Req system and other stuff. I think 343 is better off doing just a PC port, would likely take much less work to do.

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Honestly thinking about it, I wonder if a few years down the road, 343 would consider a sort of remake of Halo 5 for PC, with patched up bugs and errors, as well as a revamp of the Req system and customization.