All rare emblems obtainable through REQ packs

There are LOADS of rare emblems and its annoying as you don’t know which ones you get from commendations and which ones you get from REQ packs. This might be useful for those who want to know how close they are to moving onto opening gold REQ packs. The emblems names are: Anjou, Cherry bomb, Clubs, Cup of death, Diamonds, Duet, Eagle, Fly Bye, Frag, Greeter, Hearts, Helper unit IV, Infected, J1-GL Bot, Lemons head, Merry berry, Nadir, Power, Spartan swords, Stars and stripes, Tracker, Triangulate, Tricube and Valencia. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you kind sir, I had been wondering which to add to calculate how many more silver packs I needed.

*le fedora tip

This is good info. Thanx.

Damn, I worked through my list of collected and I already have them all… Depressing thought that I have 20 silver packs worth of these to go through…