All pretending full teams are ok?

4 “friends” in a 4v4 just having fun.
If thats all that happened it would be OK.

But that isn’t what happens.

Half decent player sees a topping player on the other team.
“Friends” sure

They meet another topping player and another…
Now instead of both teams having 1 or 2 high skilled players.
They bring a full team of top performers against randoms.


I . . . . . . I don’t see what the issue is here?

Are you complaining about a group of friends being good at the game and squadding up as a coordinated team while you yourself insists on playing solo with a bunch of randos?

That’s like getting mad that you are playing a game of dodgeball in Gym Class, but two of the jocks that play Varsity Football are on the other team . . . teams that were picked at random.


It’s a very normal part of PvP gaming for high-skill players to seek out, and team up with others like them.

It’s not a problem, it’s just competition.

The problem is that there are no truly non-competitive multiplayer experiences in Infinite aside from BtB. And calling BtB non-competitive is still a little bit of a stretch.

Even Fiesta is extremely sweaty due to Infinite’s very competitive mechanics.


Well, that’s not quite how it works because you’re forgetting another vital step in the process…
After bringing a full team of top performers, they are then matched with similar leveled players. Not just randoms all the time, that only happens when the Matchmaker has a hiccup or is trying to fill low populated servers, etc.

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The teams weren’t picked.
Not everyone has the privilege/choice of teammates.

Most matches are 4 “varsity” players vs 2 fat kids the teacher and the 5th varsity player.

There needs to be a search preference.
Current/ standard: no size limit

Reserved: max party size 2/4 or 4/8

Sounds like you need friends bro.

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Dunno what this blurb is supposed to mean. Could you clarify in which games ever that you could pick what teams you were up against?

They are not.
It is literally random queued.
Heck, if you queue up immediately after a match; you sometimes get put in the same matches as other players.

Just earlier today I was playing a few matches before work (finally got to tier 100 of the Battlepass) and one of the enemy players was my teammate last match.

This makes no sense whatsoever.

This isn’t Fortnite or PUBG.
This is an arena shooter experience.
Perhaps the Halo Infinite Battle Royale would feature this, but that is mostly because you are CHOOSING what you are up against.

  • Solos so it is literally a free-for-all between you and XX amount of others.
  • Duos so someone is watching your back but that also means the enemy has a buddy too.
  • Squads so everyone is a full fireteam.
  • Solo Squads for those who want to go solo against all odds.
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I agree that full teams ideally should be matching full teams, but that doens’t really solve any issues especially in socials, as a really good 4 man squad could match a really bad 4 man squad…

This has been a halo thing since H2…this isn’t even a halo thing, this is a online game in general thing…

Find yourself a 4 man squad?..


Sounds like you need a solo queue only playlist. Hope you get one honestly - it’s probably the only way this ranking system will kind of work accurately. For some of us, there is literally zero reason to play halo if you can’t play with our friends. Even if they weren’t friends before and I add someone new…we are friends now…that use to be how things worked…find a decent player that isn’t an a** hole, add him, play with him - back in the social days of xbox. Maybe you should find some people to play with. Honestly I would never touch infinite without friends, this game is a 5/10 solo experience best case scenario right now.

343 needs to implement party matching, if you’re in a team of 4 good players you can’t just go around farming noobs everywhere

Eh, I think going “343 YOU MUST FIX THIS NOW!!” is a gross exaggeration.


I’ve always felt this to be a stupid complaint honestly. This isn’t a problem with people wanting to have fun together and party up, this is a problem with people who solo queue up and don’t seem to grasp that crappy teams will always be a thing because they’re choosing to have an AI matchmaker pick their teammates for them, and not actually choose their teammates themselves. The best thing you could possibly ask for is to have the matchmaker try to prioritize pairing teams up with similar teams. But it should never enforce this rule. Anything more then this is unreasonable. Teams will often need a player or two to fill in holes that they themselves might not have filled yet with a friend, who they either don’t have or is currently unavailable.

In social, wins and loses shouldn’t even matter. You’re not suppose to take them serious. As a win or a loss doesn’t really effect anything. At most, you just want a solid fun match and that’s it.

Ranked you’re playing to win, if your solo queuing there you’re openly admitting that you’re not playing with win and that’s you’re own problem.

If anything, 343i should be adding more tools into the game to try and get people to make friends while they play so that they can team up together down the road to enhance their experience with the game.


there is something called Discord, and there is an official channel of Halo, you can find good players there

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You can just post on forums like this even…

“Hey anyone want to team up and play?”

Then post some information like when you like to play, a general location you live in, if you have a mic, ect.

Then just check later and see if you have any responces. But nah, they ain’t got time for that here. They’d still rather use that AI matchmaker and pretend it can read their minds to give them the most perfect teammates ever.

Take solace in knowing that when your team is a bunch of randoms and you are matched up with a squad, the game actually thinks you are better than them. The match making system gives a boost to the team mmr to account for better coordination.

Also, how do you know you’re getting matched against a crew of stompers?

When it comes to online multiplayer games, this is what people call a “you problem.” That is to say that there is no design error here. Trust me this game has a lot of design issues but this is not one of them.

Most of the time I play solo too, so I know about the uphill battle of being on a team where the 3 other people are not communicating while the other team has full comes. I recommend you find a clan or friends to play with, change your out look from “others fault” to “my fault,” or if you can’t to either of those trying a switch to playing FFA or campaign.

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I 100% Agree with this. Altough to mention having a 4 team doesn’t guarantee victory, but you get a lot more chances.
The infinite Legion is recruiting, if you are a competitive player or casual and you are interested in having a team, send me a text, Discord Zedrik#4915

Loving the ableism. I’m fat and could rinse you in this game.

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Maybe you missed the analogy to a dodgeball game? Obviously there are plenty of people with an unhealthy weight that are good at video games. I only fall into one of those categories.

Regardless, OP is just grumpy that they got matched up against some better performing players and so “obviously the game is broken.” We won’t see them here complaining when they are the ones stomping lower performing teams.

Such is the way it goes.