All post-war human ships can pinpoint jumps?

Is it true that the UNSC Infinity was not the only UNSC ship after the war to have the ability to pinpoint slipspace jumps? If so, were they given this ability after the Infinity was first used in combat?

Well its been about 4 years since Infinity was first deployed with all its upgrades. So I would think that by now they would impliment that tecnology to most if not all UNSC ships by that time.

Well they seem to have amassed a new fleet since then based on the new upgrades with the help of the engineers.

I noticed you haven’t capitalized the word “engineers”. Do you refer to the Huragok, or the human technicians?

Infinity was first but ONI wanted to use the Huragok and Forerunner tech on all ships from that point on and that was 4 years previous to Halo 4. I’d say a good chunk of the UNSC ships are upgraded.

I’d like my Lexus to be upgraded too… “Most technologically innovative car in America”… pssh, gimme a break.