All of your post have given me Cancer

Ok, So far I have read alot of ya’lls post. I have to say I read some stupid moronic stuff on here and other sites. This takes the cake of super awesome person ever to be posted. So yall are complaining about stuff that is typical Beta type stuff… Complaining about the armor being used from past Halo, Thats like complaining Master Cheif is still using Mark Armor still. About the Ranking system, THIS IS THE BETA! You kids act like this is the final product or something. OMG! My favorite lets boy cot halo 5 for 4 player split screen… LMAO! What dont you kids understand this is a BETA!! Halo Primary focus of this game has and always will be the Multiplayer and Co-Op dont worry split screen will be in the final product calm your balls. As far as the thruster pack and all the extra jazz…Get over it. Its here and its here to stay. I dont like as much as some of you. I’m going to adapt and keep playing still better then any CoD game out hands down. All these random post yall are making that holds no value whats so ever cause it makes no sense. Your wiping before you poop. WHY?

agreed I have gone into a terminal state after these threads

I just troll these clowns now…

Every Halo changed from the previous, Halo 2 was dual wielding and Hijacking, Halo 3 was equipment, Halo 4 was Sprint, Reach was Armour abilities now Halo 5 is adding another new thing to the game to add another tier of thinking it allows more options in combat not just I hope I shot him first

People need to calm down and just try to use the Beta as a learning experience and help 343 to test ideas.