All of the Future additions coming to the game that 343 has announced put into one article so you people can CALM DOWN

For those that complain 343 lied about free items at every tier, here is a post from October from Head of Design Jerry Hook:

"First off, I want to correct my own language when discussing the Battle Pass all-up. In our live stream I stated that the Battle Pass system will always have free and paid rewards available at each tier, this statement is incorrect for our launch Battle Pass. Our goal is to still provide great value to players for their time spent playing Halo, whether they choose to go the premium route by purchasing the Battle Pass, or by unlocking the incremental Battle Pass items that are available for free. "

For those that wish to know about the progression system. :

“We have heard community feedback around wanting more progression options including things like “match XP” to feed into the Battle Pass and an entirely separate, incremental system along the lines of earning SR152 in Halo 5: Guardians. Expanding Multiplayer progression offerings is something the team is actively exploring, and we look forward to continuing to evolve the experience in future seasons post-launch. Progression is an area that we will continue to improve and grow over time, and we’ll have even more to share here later this month.”

Forge will be added, More game modes are being added. Campaigns will be added. And christ this list doesnt look like much but at the rate this community complains im sure it will grow.


The size of that list is exactly what pisses us off. Zero to no communication except for a one-off tweet by Sketch last night, and the outrage keeps climbing. They haven’t addressed the concerns and that leaves it to fester.


This list adresses the most important concerns. What are you on?

They may have a list of things that are coming, but remember the time frame for some of those. Co-op with Season 2, originally 3 months after launch. Forge with Season 3, originally 6 months after launch. If they are pushing a KEY feature like Forge to 6 months out how long will it take to get other game types like Infection, Swat, KotH, and Race modes.


Halo 5 did the same thing and its a hell of a forge. Swat is coming in less than 2 weeks. Infection is being re-worked and I have yet to hear about Koth and Race

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I know. How dare people criticize and complain and help bring changes that you will also benefit from to Infinite. Jerks.


i know right?! In the words of Jeff Steitzer “Un-friggin-believable”


Ah my favorite “post-launch”. Why not during development? It’s not like battlepasses are a new concept and I currently can’t think of one dev/publisher that has done a worse job implementing this system into their game.


Do you want another year delay?

According to me people are complaining too much for everything; I don’t mean that’s useless but it’s still a beta, the pass ends in may and I’m sure that mama 343 will create more events for skins, add more gamemode and more customization. Tell me if I’m wrong, i’d like to participate to a healty discussion :slightly_smiling_face:


Pass never ends. A feature people are forgetting about.


As Shigeru Miyamoto said:
“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”


Yeah that’s true. You have also a big quantity of time for events

I disagree with this.

By saying this you sweep under the rug games such as Destiny 2.

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Laughing gas. Copium. Something of the two apparently, because you didn’t seem to think that even for a second I could be talking about any of the problems you failed to mention. Predatory progression? Aggressive monetization? Customization paywalling? Any of those ring a bell?

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This is from an era where patches and updates for console games didn’t exist.

The gameplay fundamentals for infinite are solid - mostly its minor things that need improving.

Well the game has not “big problems” anymore so I don’t think that mama 343 will delay the official release date; I mean an update for customization is the last of the problems according to me

Progression system was one of the concerns touched on by the post, Monetization is ultimately necessary to infinite no matter the frustration it gives you. This game was a 500 mil to make and they will need to constantly make money from the game which Microtransactions for the lifespan. This game is f2p and also getting released on game pass immediately so they lose a massive amount of money from that. As for customization paywalling, Halo 5 did the exact same thing and at this point should be expected by the audience.

On the presentation during the Xbox 20 years anniversary it’s been said that with the season pass you support directly the development of the game, furthermore if you play it on the game pass instead of buying it, you’ll have more advantages in the future.

I’ve never played Destiny 2, but I do play Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Mass Effect Andromeda. Those weren’t well received when they came out but I think they’re both great games after all the improvements. Yes, a game can get better and even end up as amazing, but the point was that first impressions are everything. Those who don’t stick around and play the game as it gets better will only think of it as bad.