All of my campaign progress is gone.

I have beat the game twice, once on legendary, and now I have no campaign progress?? GT: Stang117

Same issue. I haven’t beaten it on legendary but I was getting there… I did beat it on heroic. Extreme rage…

Yeah rage for real lol i just wanted to run through one of my favorite spots and now i can’t. Anyone know what to do?

Waypoint?? help?

I have lost all my progress. Can’t choose any level.

I am restarting the campaign from start just to unlock all the levels.

Also I my custom loadouts and Spartan Points keep resetting.

Another 10 minutes wasted setting my loadouts.

Did you notice any correlation from when you lost your progress? Game crashing/downloading something in particular etc?

Champions bundle…or the update the day before. No crash.

I think maybe around an update but it never crashed. i don’t play campaign as much as multi, so it could have been further back but i’m thinking one of the last few updates

anyway you can just unlock all the missions for me? check my achievements, i beat the game the third day it was out

Unfortunately we are not able to restore lost game data. Can you check your storage device for any corrupt files? You’ll know them by the yellow “!” they have on them.