All my old files are gone

Back when 343i did the big ONE-TIME file transfer, I did it with a bunch of maps and game modes. I even verified that it worked by playing a few of them on the MCC on Steam. Well, here I am right now trying to play some good old custom games with some friends for the first time in a long while and ZERO, I mean NONE of my files are here. It’s a blank slate. wtf?

Any solutions? Any support?

Yes, I’ve had this scare before too. It was on Console however.
Do a hard system reset on your device, and make sure any external hard drives, that likely contain such game data, are connected.
Search through Private, Temporary, & Shared files within your profile.

If they still aren’t anywhere to be seen, the Custom Games Browser will be coming soon, and it will be likely that someone else still has the maps & gametypes you’re looking for.

Another person had this same issue, but there Files magically reappeared after some time, so I doubt they’re gone forever.
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