All my friends play COD

Hey all this may seem pityful and sad, but i literally don’t know anyone who plays halo anymore. Especially after Reach. Anyone wanna add me and make bestest fwiends with me? jk lol but seriously i need a friends list worth playing with, going for achievements and just having fun.

P.S. i am 21 so don’t worry.

Gamertag: Malscyllis

My friends do the same thing but I also work odd hours but I’ll play with ya when I’m on, my GT is MisterSmi13y

Welcome i guess. If you look around the forums you will find community play dates as well as a bunch of friendly members.
<--------------My gt is over there if you wanna add me

My gamertag is buttmonkies. Feel free to add me. I’ve been needing some people to play with, too.

Add me too!


aight i added you all. Hopefully i see some more Halo on my friend’s online status instead of COD and netflix lol

my stupid friends play cod too… who frankwahl

I’m on whenever I can, and I’m normally willing to play anything.
My GT’s the same as my username here, just hit me up with a message/invite/friend request/whatever.