All limited edition content disappeared

I just played a game and unlocked new spartan armor but when I went to check everything I noticed all my limited edition stuff has been removed from selection. I can’t even see my specializations and the code I used isn’t allowing a redownload of the content. Can someone give me a clear answer to why this has happened?

Happend to me as well - all the skins, helmets, armor, ect I got is gone and it’s REALLY frustrating.

this happened to me once, i didnt know what to do so i just played through it, when i turned off my console and came back the next day everything was back. idk what the problem is, its probably just a data read error, it seems to happen to a lot of people.

Happened to me on one occasion with the Map Pass helmets and another time with the LE content. Both times I returned to the dashboard then went back into the game and they were there again. If I had to guess it’s a server pinging issue, same with the “DNF” scores that have been popping up on most peoples’ match records on Waypoint.