All in all you're just another brick in the wall

Which I am optimistically cool with at the moment, lets get some positive vibes on this forum and some health constructive conversation.
I have not played Halo PVP since maybe Halo 2 or potentially 3, I can’t remember; so it has been some time since I have fired up a Halo title.
I am actually have a blast and really enjoying the pace of the quick play matches as well as it just purely being gun fights. I do not have to configure my mouse or controller with 14 different macros to build a tower, or run across a map for 10 minuets to then get wall banged.
Yes the battle pass needs an overhaul, the people have spoken. I feel that the base is there for this to happen rather quickly and meet expectations. They can tap into the badge system and add XP modifiers to that, perform well, get rewarded.
I have been playing for around a few hours each day, some days more and am still really enjoying the engagements. Of course again, I cannot compare this to previous Halo PVP titles but this is very fun. More often than not, in fact most of the time, people on comms are well mannered and friendly for my games anyways. I have not yet had someone tell me to go … or my _ is a … so there has to be a really cool fanbase out there loving this.
How about we continue to provide our feedback in appropriate and mature ways, it is really simple. They will either listen as we work together to see this become something we enjoy for years to come without needing to take a loan out for that cool helmet, or, it doesn’t go that way. We can at least allow more than just the small amount of time we have had with this title to date.
No doubt revenue is a key part of the success of this title, they need to make money for many reasons.
I am choosing to remain optimistic and encourage others to do the same, if it does change we can either accept it and continue playing or move on.
It is hard given we are so conditioned to our society of instant satisfaction, you want a burger, BAM ordered to the door in 15 minutes. Implementing changes can be as quick as UBER eats (if you pay for the priority :)) just as they can take time to ensure it will not break something else.
Time will tell, I am focusing on the manifestation of a great update and community and company working together.

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