All Halo Action Figure Collectors

Some of you may have heard the news today. Mattel, the company who owns the popular Mega Bloks and BOOM Co. brands have obtained the Master License for making halo toys. They also came out with an assortment of 6 inch and 12 inch Halo figures. I’ve been collecting the McFarlane Toys figures for a long time and I had a horrible feeling in my gut after seeing these. Compare those to the McFarlane Figures and you can see why I am concerned. Does anyone know if McFarlane will still have the license for making Halo figures? I’m hoping they still do because I can’t pay $20 for those kids toys.

And then there are these . No the image isn’t stretched. I don’t even want to talk about them.

What are your thoughts on the new figures and the license deal?

I don’t like the look of those new ones.

No way they’ll be the same price as the MacFarlane figures.