All Halo 5 achievement art images in full quality

Here’s all 73 achievement art pictures for Halo 5 in full quality, losslessly compressed (137 MB total size). Kudos to Matthew Cartier’s “Achievement Art” app in the Windows store for making these easy to download.

Alternate download (if OneDrive doesn’t play nice for you):

Check out my other thread on the MCC board for all 600 Master Chief Collection achievement art pics, as well.

I love both of these achievement collections, good job!

Neat. Just set the Lone Wolf art as my background screen.

NICE! I’ll be using these for my screensaver

Is there any way to get emblems in hi res? Google hasn’t been helpful

Thank you so much.

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks. Probably dropping a like on an old post is a better idea