ALL Halo 4 Armor in 1 image! [HELP NEEDED!]

I decided to create this image as a useful catalogue of the armor available for us. After my bad connection struggled to load the Waypoint Guide. Feel free to use the images below, edit them and post them on your sites or communities, as long as you don’t claim it as your own it’s fine :slight_smile:

Help required!
To anyone with Halo 4 early, or if you managed to spot something in a stream. We need your help to build an informative image detailing how to unlock these armors. Got a friend with Halo 4? Ask them to help us!

Warning: Large Image [1170x3325px]
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[Recent updates include how to unlock: Air Assault (fixed) Recon, Ranger and Soldier]
Only Aviator, Commando, EOD, EVA, Infiltrator, Orbital and Vanguard left to find!
[Unless Deadeye, Locus, Fotus can be unlocked in other ways.]

SR50 = Spartan Rank 50, play War Games to level-up your Spartan Rank.
Commend = Commendations, so far you have to Master a commendation (Max out) to unlock the full set.

Credits for contributions/thread support:
ajw34307, A 3 Legged Goat, A 6ft 5 Ninja, Bob Chizo, FerretOfAir, kev584, little Brett29, RawrCola
When this is finished I will put these names on the bottom of the image itself.

Thank you good sir.

meh… most of the armors in H4 are so ugly. Hardly any are distinguishable

lol, didn’t even notice the size until I read the end of your post, but gosh… dat armor :open_mouth:

I actually am really starting to like these armours.

Thanks man!!!

You always have been useful with these armour threads Plain Ben, I still remember your Reach one.

Looks amazing!!! so many cool pieces, unlike reach, i love most of them. Cant wait!

Love them all! Thanks OP!

wow thats awesome!!!

> You always have been useful with these armour threads Plain Ben, I still remember your Reach one.

Wow, you’ve got a good memory, Thanks.

Just a heads-up since I got a PM asking about it. The Orangey-glow on the bottom armors is meant to represent the Armor unlocked through specialisations. I’m thinking of adding a line of text saying how to unlock each set once the game comes out and we actually find out.

Waypoint keeps crashing :frowning:

There’s just something about the Halo 4 armours I don’t like. They all look samey and ‘too extreme’ I’d prefer around 10-15 highly distinguishable armours instead of lots of samey weird ones.

I like alot of them, but some of them seem just odd… I kinda hope more armors are released… Like the Halo Combat Evolved style armor would be nice to have back. I still think 343 is doing a great job with the game and cant wait to pick up my Limited Edition copy on November 6th (already pre-ordered it back in like may)

How old is this? The FOTUS helmet is different now. The huge phallus on top has been “nerfed” so to speak. The sticky showing all the armor perms shows what FOTUS currently looks like.

EDIT: I guess that thread wasn’t stickied. You’ll have to do a search if you want to see it. I’d link but I’m at work and unable to atm.

Thanks for the picture, Sir.

Otherwise, these are not armors. These are children’s soldier costume or anything, but not armor. In Reach, I liked the Armory most, because the armor pieces looked like real armor pieces made of something hard and strong. These look like if they were made of some cheap plastic, which intended to look cool, but it doesn’t. The chestplates are very similar to each other (almost the same), the helmets are ugly, and the whole stuff sucks. I’m keen on playing H4, but 343i should have paid a bit more attention of what they make.

Thanks for sharing this. It’s nice to see all of them on one page.

Wow, first chance I’ve had to actually look at all the armors in Halo 4. Some of them look really awesome (Stalker, Defender, Raider, Defender, Scout, and Venator). It’s also cool that you can instantly think, “yeah that should look like that” with some of them (Oceanic and Air Assault)

Really excited to unlock these!

Orbital looks straight stupid. I like CIO though.

I also don’t like how cartoony they made Mark VI look.

In addition, what is up with the Ranger’s “painted bucket” helmet? Looks kind of silly. :smiley:

Im going with Oceanic. I just hope it doesnt take too much to unlock.