All forge world matchmaking maps are terrible.

Doesn’t anyone else agree? I mean have you ever wanted to play on the cage, asylum, or that god forsaken map atom? Think about it, aren’t you tired of these maps, don’t they suck? Agree/Disagree?

disagree with title, agree with post :stuck_out_tongue:

No not all forge world maps are bad, The new btb ones are awesome.

Atom was really bad I dont know why they put it in, uncaged has improved caged heaps.

Some maps are better than others, but I wouldn’t say that all forge world maps are terrible. Theres a few I like, but I do prefer the Reach maps i.e. Condemned, Sword Base etc.

I think the main issue is a certain disconnect between Bungie and the Custom Games community. There are really great forged maps out there, but Bungie hasn’t discovered/used them. Hopefully 343 will be better connected to the customs fan base.