All coatings and visors NEED to be crosscore

Title. Armor pieces are assigned parts of the coatings already and the only reason yourr not making them crosscore is pathetic greed.

Its not like you cant come up with thousands of combinations even if they was cross core. The fact id have to spend £15 minimum to get pink on 3 cores is a joke, and thats only if the come out.

Encase you struggle with ideas its very simple.
Coatings: every solid colour, mix and match colours (already thousands there) you can have camo patterns, hex patterns etc. The options are endless yet you charge so much for 1 basic colour.

Visors: base colours, two tone colours, visors with a pattern in, visors with a glow, visors with a movement like scanner. Once again endless ideas.

The lack of these being crosscore shows how money hungry you are and you care very little about giving players earnable items or items worth the price. With so many options why arent they crosscore and why arent they in the weekly capstone.

343, youre becoming a joke. You said youre working on things and to make it better, £5 for a colour (non crosscore) and emblem isnt it.

Your game has issue, your game lacks content, your game lacks progression (so much i brought the BP yet cant use any store items or capstones with it!) Why would i play your game over others or even other halos?

Your game may play well sometimes and can be fun, but others games are fun too and dont have as many issues, and guess what… im rewarded for playing and have stuff to aim for. Infinite is an okay half finished MP with a paywall bigger than chinas great wall.

Theres a reason i dont want to load up your game.


Agree 100%

But then again, they couldn’t make people do redundant purchases so they probably won’t.

This game’s monetization scheme feels like it was crafted by someone like Mark Zuckerberg or Bobby Kottick with Ponzie Schemer Bernie Madoff as a cuntsultant.

Those “Types”


that’s cool.

20 characters


Armor pieces need to be cross core as well. Everything does. The cores should be saved preset combinations you like most, all customization unified, with unified prices. Good luck!


I just want a white primary pink secondary type of shader feels like to much to ask though gotta wait till they deem it worthy to sell but hopefully they might add a system so you can make your own shader


Indeed. There are billions of possibilities when it comes to visors and armor coatings. I don’t get why 343 is so greedy.

“You catch more flies with vinigar than with honey.” - 343

Yes 20 characters lol

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not all of them, most of them

There’s going to be a lot of crazy clown skins, the game is supposedly supposed to last 10 years. (Assuming your reservation is because of silly combos?) we have a super solider samurai my friend. Might as well rip that bandaid off now. It’s gonna get crazy, might as well have all the options to choose from


not really, I dont mind silly combos