All changes are nice, minus one.

I like this game. Love the story, love the graphics, love the characters, even love Spartan Ops. I personally agree with slightly buffing carbine, BR and some automatics, BUT, why is the ranking system so weak!? 130? And just takes challenges and specializations to rank up? The good ole 1-50 that HALO 3 had was PERFECT. Or at least have something like that? Could still have credits count for something. Wish they could at least patch in a skill rank system IN-GAME when they do the weapon adjustments. You know they could too…

They need to listen to feedback better before they keep dwindling down their population online…

That’s a fact.

The 130 seems incredibly easy to get to. The hardest part is getting 1-50 SR. Once you hit 50 ranking up is SO EASY. I’ve also heard many SR130 players complain about challenges being pointless.

As of right now I am enjoying myself because I still have 34 levels to go, and I am still unlocking things. After I hit 130, it’s all going to be about grinding commendations for the rest of the gear that I want. Nobody finds that fun…

Hell most players who have Weapon Mastery boosted for it. That takes the fun out of everything.


Have do know CSR exists on your stats page right?

for ranks like sr130 that are predominately a measurement of how much you play, i think the ranks should have no cap. i dont think they should do anything other then continue accumulating though.