All BGM Muted in MCC

Hello everyone, I need help. I am playing through the Master Chief Collection for the first time with my wife, and recently realized there is no Background Music at all. I am playing on an Xbox Series S, and my wife is playing on our Series X. She has full background music, but I have none. I played through all of Halo 1 without it, and realized that it is also not working in Halo 2. This seems to be an issue with my profile. I tried loading the game on the Series X where my wife’s profile gets the BGM, and it does not play for me. The main menu music is working, but once a game loads, it’s only sound effects and voice acting. I have dug into all audio settings on both the game’s side and the system side and there seems to be no fix. Halo MCC is the only game that has muted BGM. I have been trying to figure this out for 2 weeks and have come up with nothing. I’ve never played any of these games before, and don’t want to have a lesser experience by missing out on the music.