All Alone AchiEvement

How on earth do you get this?!!

Unlike past achievements, it is map specific, and has to be done on a defiant map.

The only 3 Defiant maps are Highlands, Condemned, and Uplink (variant of Condemned.)

I don’t think there’s zombies (Infection, Living dead) on Highlands, so really the only maps you can get it on are condemned or uplink.

There’s no DLC only playlist that features living dead, so you just have to play the Living Dead playlist and gamble that all 12 players have the Defiant Map Pack, and then that they will actually vote for Condemned or Uplink??!!!

Good Luck.

I bought Anniversary, and I have every map pack for reach.

It shouldn’t be so hard to just get a chance to try for this!

You can have condemned in living dead that’s how I got it.

what he said.

Ive only played condemned living dead once. its a rarity, try searching with people that you know have the maps.

I just got last man standing on condemned twice and no achievement. What gives? Also the new achievements haven’t even shown up in my achievement list. It still says there are 59 achievements as opposed to the new 69. Any one know why? Or have the same problem?