All about halo infinite

<Ai is good they move like real people
<Announcer is good but I prefer more of the classic one. The new one sorta gives me a destiny vibe.
<Guns are good I like how it feels like halo 2/3 and balanced.
<I enjoy the movement feels like classic movement with some new things
<I like how evade isn’t used so often like halo 5
<Graphics are good but I feel they should reach Halo 5 graphics.
<Sound is good
<Menu music should stay classic but it’s this a good soundtrack
<There should be BR start in slayer and I love that it’s the halo 2 BR
<Menu I like it and easy navigating through it and sound is good
<The halo shield I like how it’s back to its classic regeneration and how you can run and heal.
<I like how the spartan shield you deploy isn’t over powered and gets destroyed when shot
<Background is good I like the detail. Same for menu backgrounds
<Will there be a classic rank system?
<I noticed that sometimes in the recon button layout when your reloading it seems to far sometimes
<I like how it tells you who assisted you.
<The Guns are well balanced.
<The ending when the battle is over. I dont know if it was meant to stay black screen but if so, its a little plain compared to halo 5
<Customization is awesome I like how there’s going to be plenty more but I don’t know about the shading in colors I liked when you can color it yourself.
<I like how you can choose your own AI and color it
<The maps are good and I like how their not so big or to small<!–/data/user/0/–>