All a friggen lone!


Even after the update I can’t get a Zombie match on Condemned. I remember the days where you had to have dlc, and you get achievments like this. I’m sick of living dead, never liked it never will. But if I want to get all these worthless in life achievements I have to play it.

So i’m advertising. I’m on right now 10pm EST, looking for people to fill a lobby that have the defiant map pack.


if you dont already have the maps you should get them and if you have search restrictions you should turn those off

The achievements are worthless, but yet you are still working hard for them…

I would so gladly help you today, but I have other things that I must attend to. Maybe the next time I am online I will give a shout.


  1. You need a full lobby

  2. Move Noble Map Pack to a USB and remove USB from the Xbox

  3. Search Living Dead

It will never come up otherwise.


Yeah, that really bugs me as well. I know 343 have turned up the weighting on the DLC maps, but that doesn’t matter since it appears that most of the people who play Reach now haven’t bothered to buy the DLC.

Also, the fact that the achievements can only be earned on specific maps doesn’t help anything. Whoever came up with that idea certainly managed to piss off a lot of people, and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Yeah my new years resolution was to get all the achievements from every Halo game I own before Halo 4 comes out.

It’s impossible for me to get the Defiant ones! :frowning:

I’ve still never played on Condemned/Uplink despite the new weighting because people still only pick sword base and the cage (terrible map) despite have the option to vote for it. This is ridiculous. They should have integrated infection and objective into squad DLC.