AIs are really annoying

I’m very concerned with the AI selection for this game, most of them seem intentionally annoying, especially BUTLR and FRET, they have lines that get VERY repetitive VERY fast. Their voices are also really exaggerated, making them hard to listen to after a while. I found myself cringing after every BUTLR and FRET line, as they were far too irritating to listen to. Ironically, the only AI’s that don’t appear to be annoying are the ones you can unlock through the battle pass, such as LUMU or the superintendent. I feel like there should either be a way to unequipt AIs, mute AIs in the sound settings, or just flat out make more default AIs that arent as annoying to listen to. Making the AIs free on the battle pass would also be nice, as you really shouldn’t have to pay for these.