Hey guys, I’m not trolling for views, I’m just interested in putting together a “TOP 5” episode for my gaming channel.
I managed to get the Airsassination medal last night and I want to see more. If you have a clip you would like to share or have featured on my channel msg me via Xbox. My gamer tag is AAfitzy88 and I would like to make a few videos featuring Airsassinations.
Just link me to your file share clip on theater mode and I’ll take care of the rest. I am on twitter @AAfitzy88 also…
Thanks in advance.
This was mine from last night.

Haha, man, you should check out the video on my fileshare titled “Double Airsassination.” It’s hilarious. I’m fighting a guy, I go to melee and he gets turned around and I end up airsassinating him, I start walking away and the same guy respawns in front of me, we have another fight, he ends up turning around and I end up airsassinating him again.

Sounds EPIC. Is your username on here the same as your gamertag?

Yep, same thing exactly.

hm. i get airsassinations all the time… not sure if i recorded any but ill see if i can save some

That would be great. Thanks

you can check my file share i uploaded one, but i’ve had better that i forgot to save. this one is fairly basic

I’ve got one on my fileshare. GL

Thanks guys, I’ll have some time today to start collecting these and see what I come up with. Once I have enough submissions I’ll post a vid and send you guys a msg with the link(s)

got another one for ya(better), this time in grifball customs. i’ve been doing them 3rd person, what angle do you prefer?

Got my Venator sett today, I’ll send you a message here with the file share link to a pretty badass one I got on haven the clip is titled no fly zone. Lets just say it involves jet packs and man cannons and sticking the landing with out a death after a bad -Yoink- airsassination.

Sounds good. Please keep me posted.

Any angle, third, first…don’t matter. Its all gold.

Rush, Troll, Knight, Sweet Tooth… I got your clips. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to leave this one open to more submissions until Friday Nov 30 pm. Then I will start editing. Thanks again.

Cool, no problem