Air Vehicles Update (Idea)

Vehicles that should be added:

  • Hornet and/or Falcon
  • Pelican
  • Phantom
  • Sabre
  • Seraph

Warzone REQs that should be added:

  • Hornet (plus Camo, Corp and ONI variants)
  • Falcon (plus Camo, Corp and ONI variants)

Matchmaking Playlists that should be added:

  • Ranked and Social Big Team Air: a BTB playlist with maps and gametypes that focus on airborne vehicular combat.
  • Ranked and Social Banshee Slayer: A modification of 4v4 Team Slayer on Forge-made maps where you spawn and respawn in Banshees. More variants could be made for Phaetons, Hornets, Pelicans, Sabres and Seraphs.

Custom Gametype bases that should be added:

  • Vehicle Slayer: A modification of Slayer that has players spawn in vehicles. Exiting the vehicle is disabled. You can choose to either spawn in your own vehicle or take a seat in a teammate’s vehicle. More powerful vehicles would be unlocked in phases that work similar to Invasion Slayer in Halo Reach. Variants of said game mode could include the aforementioned Banshee Slayer.

Other notes:

  • I think new Warzone maps should be made with the aim of putting emphasis on air combat, or at least making it meaningful. For that to work, I think air vehicles may have to be made available at the start of the match.
  • All vehicles mentioned should be made available in Forge.

Anyone else have any ideas to add? Anything you would add or remove?

Hawks & Vultures from Halo Wars.

If they ever did do this, the most I can see them doing is the UNSC airships since they’ve been used before, especially the Pelican you fly in H4

Interesting ideas. I might have to try to implement some of these ideas in a few weeks when Forge is released.