Air vehicles are too weak

In my opinion air vehicles have way to little health, it’s really rare to get them and when you finally get them you get shot down by 3 sniper shots, 1 skewer shot, or 3 AR clips. i think the banshee and the wasp should get a buff in health and the wasp definitely since it’s less agile.

Almost all the vehicles are made of paper it seems

for real, it’s pretty frustrating to finally get a cool vehicle and then get shot down immediately

It wouldn’t even be that bad if getting power/heavy vehicles wasn’t harder than getting XP…

Can’t play a good match anymore with out one team throwing a match as fast as possible to score that 50 xp at the end. As for the vehicles I’m not even sure I’ve seen them all because the never get dropped consistently in BTB.

You can survive in a wasp for the entire game easily if you just weave around structures and rocks - pilots SHOULD be punished for just floating in open air space spamming rockets.
The banshee is for making strafing runs where you dive and blast the targets then get the hell out of there and repeat, in my opinion the banshee needs a slight damage buff as you have to become vulnerable for way too long to be effective, whereas if it had a damage buff you could do your strafing runs much quicker and be out of harms way faster.

In terms of their health, I think they are fine as they are. I am pretty sure they already buffed their health since the flights anyway.