Air Unit Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 is now simply “build lots of air units”. If you like just fighting against waves of the same battle units, this game is for you. It was great, now there is no tactics, no opportunity to experience new tactics against you…just pump out air units or counter them. Game has gone from great at launch to awful waste of your time in March 2018. Fix it please or put it to sleep, it’s suffering and was a good game once. Anyone else finding this problem recently? Is this because it’s now part of the Xbox Games pass now? Sure, everyone can say you have to know how to balance your forces, but if 4 antiaircraft turrets supported by anti aircraft vehicles or marines with rocket launchers can’t protect a base against 80/80 air units…where’s the tactical component of the game? It’s basically now a tower defense game. 3 vs 3 is still somewhat fun.

YES! It is honestly terrible. I can produce reavers, I can produce warthogs/wolverines nothing will stop an all air raid. It’s honestly getting boring and fustrating. Here I am making a diverse army only to get swamped with an unkillable 2 team all air attack

I get attacked by a bunch of air units all the time, it is annoying. But most of the time, I do end up countering them. I just maneuver units around or hit them before they can build a bunch of them. I just wish people would have more diversity, not just air unit rush or warthog rush.