Air Force Officers Needed for Wasp and PhaetonTeam

I know that no many clans on Halo 5 have an Air Force. It’s sad because that’s where the best part of raids take place. Well I’m here to say that we have a serious Air Force that teaches you strafing, dogfighting, evac drills, and reconnaissance. We have a custom made airbase where we train and we need officers for flight squadrons. And yes, if you wanted to you could lead the Phaeton Helios squad. But right now, we need pilots! There are no gamertag changes required. We will show you things to take your flying to the nest level!

Also, our ODSTs and SPARTANs are recruiting. If you are a conscripted SPARTAN or ODST show us your conscription papers or proof and we will let you join.

To join message SIII Evan 017.