Aiming setings for controller

When they surprised us with the Beta, aiming felt fantastic.
Campaign launches. It feels weird. Like it wants to jump from a scale of 2-5 in acceleration, but I use 2 or 3. So I lower it to 1. Spinning is too fast for me to keep focused. I lower sensitivity. It does make a difference, but not a big one.
Multiplayer is great despite the bugs needing fixing. When I play, either it just takes me many games to warm up to all the zippy fast players, or I am playing at my worse since Reach.

Please let me know of ideas to try out to understand this aiming.

invest in a kontrol freek or use a high rise stick, id suggest kontrol freek.

increase your sensitivity if you do this. (i play at 6h 6.5v)

raise acceleration to 5.

turn dead zones/thresholds to 0, put threshold for move to 15.

go to steam and find halo infinite, go to properties, controller, disable steam input.

relaunch halo

go to academy and go into training

change map to Live fire/Aquarius

change to BR start, sniper secondary

change difficulty of bots to spartan

change friendly bots to 0 enemy bots to 3

change enemy location to on

change playfighting to on

change infinite ammo to on

change deathless to on

shoot bots until your fingers fall off


Console controller, not PC.
Why raise acceleration? I tried raised stick extensions. Disliked them… the ones I used.

Way to screw with me.

if you want better precision make yourself get used to high rise sticks. or lower your sensitivity to like 3-4 but id suggest high rise.

5 acceleration felt the best for me simply because it was always a consistent speed

Controller layout and sensitivity are totally personal, so a few questions…

Which console are you playing on?
Which controller are you playing on?
Are you sure your controller isn’t faulty?
Have you tested your deadzones?
What sens do you usually play with on other FPS games?
What skill level would you say you are in FPS games?
What rank level did you achieve in previous Halos if you have played previous Halo titles?
What are your current controller settings that you seem to be struggling with? (provide a full list please)

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Consistent speed is indeed one thing I am struggling to nail down.
So when you spin, do you have a jump in speed probably halfway from the thumbstick being still to the outer edge? Its so annoying.

Sensitivity is bugged right now. It isn’t consistent at all on controller.

I just got got an Elite 2 in the mail and it feels pretty good ngl. Nonetheless, I hope they get it feeling like MCC again.

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Controller settings are so complex.
First understand how “Max Input Threshold” works. It, from my understanding, changes how far you need to move the stick until acceleration increases.

So if you have it maxed out, it will increase acceleration slower as you move your stick; this is usually not recommended since if makes turning inconsistent and messes with your aim adjustments.

If you have it on 0, the acceleration will not be noticeable, since the amount you must move your stick is nothing.

When I have this on zero, I usually put acceleration on max (5)

“Max Input Threshold” should not be the same for both move and aim (I have move on 10), because you want your strafe and movement to compliment your aiming.

“Center Deadzone” ideally should be on 0, but needs to be as low as it can without drift occuring.

“Axial Deadzone” should be a littler higher cause it makes it too response where you lose control of aim. I just played around with it until I liked it, which settled on 7.

Finally, you can just set your sensitivity really low for more control. Mine’s on 1 or 2. Also, I recommend trying Vertical with different than Horizontal, like 1 more than it or something. It sometimes improves aiming control.

Zoom’s, I suggest leaving on 1

There are many controller setting ideas out, so this just mine.

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My understanding of max input threshold is slightly different (after reading your post back I would say we have completely opposite understanding!)…basically that your sticks are more responsive so if your stick is moved slightly then it responds immediately without delay.

As such, definitely have move on 15 as your movement will be instant and therefore able to strafe better. Look thumbstuck is more subjective and personal preference…initially I had it set to zero as I didn’t want my crosshair flying around uncontrollably however I now have it set to 15 so it is more aligned to my reactions, twitch aiming and being able to turn around quicker to enemies behind me…at the same time I also slighted tweaked my sens down to 4/4.5 which I find helps a more accurate steady shot with a more controllable reticle.


Xbox Series X
A standard new controller.
They are not faulty.
Many times.
3-4. Sometimes 5. I am bad with fast sensitivities.
Above average.
37 in Halo 3 ranked 4v4, Forerunner (?) in Reach, max rank in Halo 4, Onyx 15something in Halo 5.
Bumper Jumper, Look Acceleration at 3, Look sensitivity Horizontal at 4.5, Vertical at 5, Move center deadzone at 9.5, move max imput threshhold at 10, move axial deadzone at 12, Look center deadzone at 12, max imput threashold at 10, axia; deadzone at 4.

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I made the changes to try out. Appreciate it!

Actually, I believe you are right. it’s the opposite. :rofl:
With it on 0, your 1/4 turns will be slower, but max turn is the same for both based on acceleration.
With it on 15, your partial turns are faster.

I still think 0 is best if you have trouble controlling aim, because “aim adjustments”, like when your target strafes you, are easier to control.

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So far, I think the imput thresholds were tripping me up.

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Your settings look mostly ok but I would tweak and test a few things simply based on my experience.

Reduce your centre and axial deadzones to as low as possible. Go in to a custom game, reduce all to zero and increase by 0.5 until your move/look sticks don’t move by themselves. If you don’t have any stick drift then they should be at 0 but all pads are different but shouldn’t be any higher than 4 or 5. Please note: just adjusting my axial deadzones to 4.5 fixed any stick drift for me in both move and look, so my centre deadzones are at 0.

Increase your acceleration to max 5 so there is no input lag between moving your sticks…this means it will hit max acceleration instantly rather than increasing as you move the stick (as described in your post).

Decrease your sensitivity to 4/4.5 to counter the above changes. This should help make your aim feel more solid and controllable.

My final tip…buy yourself an Elite2 controller! It really is a game changer in terms of gameplay…it won’t make you a better player but being able to assign buttons to rear paddles will enable better movement and improve your gameplay. The intent is to be able to perform actions without taking thumbs off your sticks so reassign jump, crouch and slide to rear paddles…this has significantly improved my movement and feels totally natural. Also moved my melee to left trigger and zoom to left bumper…again this feels perfectly natural once you retrain your brain. Obviously which buttons you reassign are personal preference but these work for me.


Ill also test those out. Fiddling with them eventually ought to do the trick.

I won’t buy a $150 controller unless I think its absolutely, totally worth it. Almost feels like cheating against standard controllers. One reason I would is for my right hand fingers to have something to press; I have a bad habit of clenching my two shortest fingers.
Working on a new habit to relax them.

Absolutely. I know ppl that have bought an Elite2 and don’t even reassign buttons…that’s totally not worth it!

Also it is far from cheating…all it does is reassign actions to buttons which you can do on any controller in Xbox settings, in game settings or on M&K in pretty much any game. It’s simply being able to edit your controls for each persons individual preference. Even if you don’t reassign buttons, having the hair triggers makes a massive difference…basically means your triggers respond quicker to your trigger input, and that can be the difference between winning a 1v1 or your next respawn in FPS games.

I use an old Scuf controller with Melee on my right hand paddle button. I can tell you from experience, giving those fingers something to press doesn’t help the clenching or hand nerve issues :rofl:

But, with so many buttons to press all the time, it does help cause you can put Jump on one, which lets you use Equipment or whatever else on bumper buttons, and you don’t need to press A or B with your thumb.

I think it works in the way you described above, yes

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I started a thread to help with this titled:

Need help aiming in Infinite? (if it feels off to you try this set up for controllers)


Go look there as it should be really helpful. Just copy the link without the “” and you should get there.

I go over a lot of the controller set up to make it feel more like older Halos because the default settings are terrible.

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