Aiming sensitivity customization

So I love that they’ve incorporated more customization to the aiming but why are we able to increase the vertical sens by .5 (it is a full step between one step in sensitivity) but the horizontal sens is still set to stock?

I reaaaally want full customization a .1 adjustment control. It’s already coded into the game so can we just have it? With all the stress look sensitivity has caused it would be nice to fine tune the aiming a little bit more. I’m directly between 4-5 and there’s a massive difference between each increment.

Get an elite controller, or if stuck between plug your controller in through cord to increased speed or remove it to decrease speed

I have a battle beaver customs controller. Wired and increased thumbstick tension. It’s not to do with my controller, it’s to do with the aiming in the game, hence why all of the updates have been happening to give us more control. Right now I find 2.5x 2.5y and 2 look accel to be the most fluid but since I play swat a lot I’ve had to increase to 4 look accel and sometimes my shot is inconsistent because of that.

If I could only have 2.7x and y I wouldn’t have to throw my aiming into the accel formula