Aiming reticle is a bit too transparent.

I occasionally find myself looking into the bright thing on Adrift near where a lift lets off and not being able to see what I’m aiming at. That exact circumstance is rarely a problem but I do tend to notice times where I can’t actually see the reticle (therefore if I’m aiming at an opponent or past them when going for the killshot/headshot) - not because it isn’t being drawn to the screen, but because it’s too see-through. It’s like Reach’s Forge World - playing on Asylum when you were on the grass and someone had the start-to-sniper elbo over at cliffside was like murder. Same sort of situation here, though not nearly as bad. Anyone agree?

Then again I’m playing on a CRT TV, so that might have just a bit to do with it, but still. The heck with your laggy HDTVs, you futuristic future people.

With all the things they didn’t properly test, I hope CRT tvs was one of them…time to upgrade. Game devs have ignored CRT for 7 years now, time to get with it.

OP if you don’t want a modern HDTV because you feel there’s too much input lag why not pick up a cheap CRT monitor? Can’t imagine playing any 360 stuff on a SDTV.

I would agree there is too much glare in this game, you would have thought these Spartans visor would incorporate some good lense coatings but seems visually this game wants to be startrek.