Aiming Deadzone Sensitivity

It was a huge disappointment to find that Halo 5’s aiming mechanics aren’t as fluid and snappy as Halo 4. (or any of the previous Halo games)
I’ve just been back on Halo 4 to compare and that controls perfectly. I play on sensitivity 8 on that. On H5 i turn it all the way up to 10 and its still slow.

Does anyone know when this is going to be fixed?

I play on 3 on halo 5… xD idunno I think its fine.

Agree it needs to be fixed

This has been posted many times. No need to make a new thread.

Haven’t had that problem. I typically play Halo on 8 but had to lower it to 7 for Halo 5. Weird.

Yeah I would do 20 if they had it. Please add higher sensitivities, 343!