How is it possible for about half of the people playing multiplayer to have wall hack and aim bot and not get banned? People put proof of them hacking game on you tube and tell people to report them but nothing ever happens and more and more people cheat because they know they can get away with it. Bout time for the ban hammer on consoles and profiles alike.

Hey OP - if you’re referring to games like Halo 5 or MCC, then I can say that there are no aimbots / hacks / mods in those games. Things like this require the ability to mod the game and the Xbox, nether of which can be currently done on the Xbox One. Anyone claiming to use or aimbot or you think is using one will not be. If and when the Xbox One is modifiable like the Xbox 360, you can be sure that the community and Microsoft will be aware of it.

Regarding games on the Xbox 360, yes it’s possible to do such things and has been for quite a while. Saying that, anyone you encounter who has been modding their game should be reported to Xbox Live and the -Yoink!- team will look into and take the necessary action.

Edit: a lot of the time what people think are people hacking and using aimbots are actually just theatre replays, which aren’t always accurate, and / or lag