Aimbot found, this needs to stop immediately

There’s a YouTube channel called ItsHapa that proves that people are already cheating with aimbot on Halo infinite. This needs to be stopped, or the multiplayer will stop being fun. We’re all here to have fun playing Halo, why ruin that?


Oh, yeah. Nib that in the bud. EZC that piece ASAP. Can we send tickets for this?

I’ve seen videos on Single Halo Clips of people getting caught using aimbot in Theater mode. If you suspect someone using aimbot, getting perfects when not even aiming, record them in Theater mode and put it on YouTube, then send a link to waypoint support. They will probably be able to verify that player’s suspicious gameplay and ban them. I say this because the Xbox red reticle is pretty good at aiming without trying, so better to let 343 handle it instead of reporting Xbox accounts without proof.

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I kind of miss the later days on Halo 2 when you couldn’t see what was going on due to cheating, so you would just spam Melee and randomly kill the guy, then laugh at him. Fun times, lmao

We console players need a toggle to turn off the cross play.


You sound a little sarcastic, but seriously, people out there just want to unwind, why should we have to put up with this?

Just finished playing some Ranked open/crossplay and I am definitely not claiming to be the best in any way but I know when something fishy is going on and when I’m just out played by the better team

All I know is every kill was a perfection/headshot from the other team until three of my teammates quit leaving me alone with a score of 14- 36in Slayer. I stayed in and all of a sudden it became “easier” for me to get kills. Didn’t get much more but the game felt right again.

Checked the other teams medals/stats One person had 11 perfections medals alone.

Quicky went back to Solo/Duo Controller Ranked

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My bad, wasn’t trying to be sarcastic. I do not want this to end up like warzone.

Why should recording in theater mode necessary? The last 15 or 20 games are saved on a server already? If you report one as a cheater the video should be kept and reviewed by support.

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I don’t either, but we have to keep up the pressure and make sure these problems are brought to light. We’re all together on making sure we have a fun game to play.

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Well it doesn’t seem like there is a way to save videos to share publicly on your profile since there’s no forge mode or any other file sharing either yet. You can bookmark it, but idk if 343 can watch your bookmarks on your account or not. A direct video link to a trimmed clip would be faster than watching the whole match, but maybe they have that ability to watch your previous matches

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THere’s no way atm. But this does not mean that such a feature could not be implemented quickly (Some man days to improve support isn’t much)

Disable/Enable cross platform would be enough for me. I play most time ranked cuz the number of players who use some kind of hw /sw to get an advantage is not as high as in social playlists

But they have other high priority issues atm. Like missing content and the worst battle pass in industry

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