Aim/reticle latency? Clear your system cache...

Ok ok… so it’s pretty early to go on making these claims but I’ve just played 2 matches since resetting my system/cache, and first game 67% accuracy… Second game, over 55%… Coincidence? :thinking:

Aim felt crispy throughout… menus seem less clunky and work noticeably better. I think it’s worth looking into…

Hold your power button for 10 seconds to power-down… You’ll hear some funky noises and then wait a second and power back on. Your cache will be cleared. Let me know your thoughts and experiences with it. Hopefully we all have comparable results.

Another 55% accuracy match… (3/3)

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Bumping this thread because I think it could potentially help some people… I just finished a full play session and was satisfied with the aim the entire time. No noticeable inconsistencies, maintained a pretty decent level of accuracy the whole night. Wasn’t going off every game, by any means, but I didn’t feel like I was missing shots that I should’ve been hitting either (which was a relatively common feeling before, even post-update at times…).

All in all, I highly recommend those who have been experiencing wonky aim the last few months or so, to try resetting their Xbox/cache… It can only help, and I really think that it does!

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Also, I find it hard to believe based on your experience alone that the system cache would have anything to do with aim. Your accuracy in different matches doesn’t really tell anything because for all we know, it could be within your normal variation, and is dependent on what weapons you use, your level of concentration in a given match, even what map you play and who you play against.

I guess there’s no harm in trying it, but I really fail to see the connection here.