Aim problem

I have been having some trouble today with aiming. Aiming has been good for me and haven’t had any problems until now, the problem I seem to have is when I look either left or right, it stops and moves as if the sensitivity has been reduced. I play bumper jumper, 5 sensitivity. It has happened to me on the last 7 or 8 games iv played. Is this the dead zone people have been complaining about? It’s very frustrating and has got my killed several times and made me lose some 1 on 1s with people which I should have won. It’s either something in the game that’s not working correctly or something is wrong with my controller, I did try to see if the same thing happened on BF4 and seemed to have zero problems on there.

You are not gonna have God aim every match everyone has a bad game.
Theres no aim assist that’s the reason why you are having problems

It’s not the lowered aim assist that’s the problem. It only seems to happen when I go to turn 90 degree’s or more, it usually happens whilst I am not aiming at someone or close to a wall or running. It stops for a fraction of a second and creeps back up to 5 sensitivity. I can accept playing a bad game and being out played by people better than me. What I can’t accept though is when I get beaten because of something that shouldn’t be happening to me.

Ignore the reply above,he’s obviously got no clue what you are talking about and treats you like another whiner.
The thing is that the issue you report is a known “bug” that is linked to certain controllers (usually the early ones) and I know it’s helluva annoying because I’ve had to change my controller to counter it.

The thing is that in the latest patch notes,343 supposedly fixed that so you shouldn’t be having it. You had this since day one of Halo 5 or is it say after Thursday when the update went live?