AIM, ears and horns

Why is aiming so bad, on console?

Right stick it is unusable. The aim goes where she wants, often out of target.
I don’t understand if there is too little aim assist on the controller or if it’s an impulse response problem. I just know that aiming in this game really sucks.

In all the other fps (cod, destiny, old halo) if I have to correct the aim I can do it and shoot in the head. Here correcting the shot is a losing bet.

If you add to this the speed with which pc gamers do ADAD (left-right-left-right), we get real crap.

Is there any hope that 343 will resolve this sooner or later? or are they too busy drawing cat ears and deer antlers?


I have a post here that could help with aiming:

If you don’t trust the link here is the title to search for it on here.

Need help aiming in Infinite? (if it feels off to you try this set up for controllers)

I think Halo Infinite’s aiming feels dang near perfect after these adjustments. The default set up is bad though and i am not sure how it made it through testing like that. In my thread some people even gave more advice in the comments. Hope it helps.

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It’s cause default controller AA thresholds are wider than an obese kid.

You need to turn down those deadzones so the AA only kicks in when your reticule is near a target, or else the wide AA range will sticky pull your reticule for just walking past something and it throws your aim way way off if you or your target is strafing quickly.

Every halo games aim basically feels like the player has to master how much/little input they have to put in to correct their aim, and master allowing the game to help.

I think this games default sensitivity is actually an entire 2 points higher than the previous games to where it would be 3H and in this game it’s 5H. Some players dont even adjust anything and think to themselves that they’ve always stuck to default, and that this time is no different (when it is) so naturally their reticle is flying all over the place when they’re trying to micro adjust.

Then theres different sensitivity for scoping in for individual weapons that you have to make sure are set to the same value to not have 2 different sensitivities (unless you want to).

I feel like there’s a generous amount of aim assist in this game, but I play on a very low sensitivity, and I do this to not over aim. That doesn’t mean the aim feels good tho. Something is still off…for example…i can hop on halo 5 and move my right stick up to fling a grenade out…and my reticle goes straight up. In this game, it moves diagnol and messes up the trajectory of my grenade. I have no idea why this happens and have messed with so many settings already. It just comes up weird no matter what. It never goes straight up and down, and its only this game that does that.

Predominantly using my left stick tho, my accuracy is usually pretty high match to match. It doesn’t feel so great even still though. It just feels like I figured out the best settings to mitigate having no control over my reticle (by basically hella lowering the sense, and using thresholds and DZ to smooth the variance). Thats all you can really do at the end of the day.

Despite how bad it feels to some people, you got other players somehow lasering everyone in the lobby. To them, it would seem aiming is so easy. So there’s gotta be some way to get it to feel that way per individual…or…at least get it to feel better than it currently does. Perhaps you gotta really spend some time in a few bot matches to find the best settings for yourself.

As for 343 fixing it…I’d say don’t wait for that, and try your luck with changing a few settings yourself in the mean time. Idk when they’ll adjust anything for the aiming…or what that even means. Its possible it may not even help you. The targets in this game probably move much faster than the other games you play when they strafe left to right.

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This is why i made my thread when Infinite launched. I had messed with my controls a good amount in the flights so by the time the game came around i knew what to change. Sadly i think the default controls in Infinite are just worse then they previously had been in older titles and with most games moving to a non linear aim response when historically lots of FPS games had linear aim acceleration it messes with people big time.

Now i think Infinite feels and plays great and it reminds me of how Destiny plays and that is a huge compliment but if i left it with the default controls i would have hated how it felt.

I feel the controller aim assist is lower across the board in this game compared to MCC, the reticules are smaller too, and possibly less magnetism?

I have been a PC player for the past 10 years and this game got me back into controller - if you think you’ve got it tough on controller I hate to break it to you but the lack of aim assist and red reticle on PC, combined with the smaller reticles and possibly lowered magnetism means that Mouse and Keyboard players have a really difficult time with the BR at close to mid-range with the high strafe speed everyone has. Controller (which was foreign to me when infinite came out) was a lot easier at close and mid range. Long range precision and strafe speed still goes to mouse and keyboard, but BR duels at standard range are hands down easier on controller.

The Wolverine II controller I purchased has quicker sticks than the old Nintendo switch controller I was using (my son’s), and even at 1 sensitivity feels like 3 sensitivity on Halo 3. I would like more options for lowering sensitivity if possible.

I have already cleared the dead zones. And I am not a beginner, I have been playing Halo in multiplayer since 2004. I have also played a lot of Cod and Destiny, I have some experience with fps. I’m not saying this for pride, it’s just to make it clear that I’m not a casual gamer who doesn’t know what it’s saying … and I can say with certainty that such a terrible aiming system I have never seen in 20 years of online gaming.


I definitely agree something feels off. Adter the switch to controller for halo i went back to the mcc and did really well, where before on mkb i was terrible and just chalked it up to having a job and family as an adult and not having the same amount of time to practice as i did as a teen. But really it was just halo mcc has much better aiming on controller.

The aim assist in infinite has been turned down significantly for controller, while it seems bullet magnetism has been reduced significantly too which effects both controller and mkb players. Combine that with faster strafe speed and the aiming has definitely become more difficult.

Personally i would be i favour of a slightly easier system, closer to halo 2 or 3, but understand they may want to nerf aim assist and magnetism a bit to increase the skill gap. Still, Ive always though halo to be a game of positioning, movement, and map co trol over mechanical aiming skills.

But as to the idea that infinite is suited better to mkb, i can tell you without any doubt thats just not correct. The aim assist on controller, even without the red reticle subconsciously helping on pc, makes it so much easier to land perfects with the BR over mkb with no aim assist.

Yes you can strafe, turn, and (debatable) snipe better on mkb, but close to mid range AR, sidekick, and BR duels are all 100x easier with controller aim assist, and thats 90% of encounters in halo.

And I much prefer MKB over controller I honestly wish it was comparable so I could use my prefered input, but its just not the case.

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Im thinking maybe it would be a good idea to have crossplay as optional since the aiming is so unbalanced between pc and console gamers


I wouldn’t have had much of an issue with it if I could just switch off crossplay.
It feels like this game is made by pc players for pc players. Which is ironic since the game seems to barely work on a lot of pcs.

The diagonal looking sensitivity (corner to corner) is also way too fast in Infinite on controller.
To look from corner to corner is equally fast as looking from side to side, even though it’s a longer gap.
It feels lazily made, it feels like it’s made by people who favor m&k, but this needs to be fixed even if we get inputbased matchmaking.

When it comes to the low aim assist, I mainly have issues with it because it ruins crossplay balancing (which already wasn’t perfect), and I can’t switch crossplay off.

I just want mcc aim assist back. It was certainly favouring controller users, but it felt like halo and didnt feel so sweaty just to hit your targets.

Those are still the fundamentals of being good. The big difference in this game vs past games is that in the old halo games there were difference in settings between default ranked playlist, and the playlist that followed the tournament settings. Players moved faster in the tournament settings game mode, rewarding players raw skill by widening the skill gap in that area among other areas by changing the settings.

In infinite the players base movement speed is unchanged between default, and the ranked arena mode which follows tournament settings. So it will inherently be harder to aim across the entire board. So i think that combined with default settings also being different in infinite, makes it a difficult experience for people who just wanted to jump in and not mess with tons of settings to make the right choice for their aim.

For some reason the aim felt better to me in the test flight. As far as this game feeling anything like destiny, to me it doesn’t. Destiny has always felt awful for me. Not awful because its hard, its actually much easier…but the aim mechanics are just terrible and copies all the bad stuff in cod that I’ve always hated.

Reticle bloom just from walking or jumping
Snail trigger mode activated on iron sights
No point in hipfiring most of the time because you’re penalized in terms of aim.
Your strafe just sucks in those games unless you have some specific perks to move a little faster…and even then its stiill not that great.

So for that reason ive always favored halo. Aim is unencumbered by movement, and we have so much freedome in that aspect. It makes the game so much fun. The main issue for halo now is that its hyper competitive. Its hard to play the game casually when the settings inherently create a very big skill gap even in social modes for players. I say this as an arena junkie that doesn’t even play the social game modes. Its another reason to add to the list of many, as to why people hopped off. They’re more comfortable jumping on cod and getting that arcade shooter rush, multi kills, or in Destiny which allows them to go into a match with favored weapons, perks, and a super etc. The games are just so different.

They can all be played more competitive, but halo is just built for competitive these days. Having the academy and bots was probably supposed to help out, but its not a miracle worker for new players or even returning players it seems.

I can agree with most of these. I still love how Destiny feels (i don’t actively play it anymore because its a full time job just keeping up with the meta) and do think Infinite now feels like that, just super fluid. I can see where if you don’t like Destiny mechanics you wouldn’t like it if Halo felt that way.

Also as far as COD goes i just do not like games made by Treyarch. They feel super clunky and not as high quality to me as the Infinity Ward ones so i can kind of agree there depending on the game.

I am sorry my post didn’t help you. The only other advice i can give is to get a controller with 4 back buttons/paddles, hair trigger switches, and different stick heights. The amount of times i win gunfights because i can maneuver better than the other opponents is a great amount. Probably at least 30 to 40% of the time. I know they are expensive but it definitely improves the experience once you get used to it.

I think my settings are fine. I don’t feel the need to change them. My accuracy is usually 55-65 in most matches. The only problem I have at times is throwing a grenade across the map. The reticle moves a bit diagnol and sometimes not straight up. My 1v1s I think are fine though. I’m usually playing against high daimonds and onyx in crossplay. Most bad matches I have usually aren’t because I can’t land my shots. Its usually losing to teams with better team work and decision making skills. Ive only gone to D6 tho because i usually end up uninstalling the game from being frustrated by like really high ping matches just souring the sessions man.

Like i just came back to playing and tried doubles out. My last few matches were over 140 ping. I won them fortunately. I placed plat 3, to which idk if thats good or not. I read ranked kinds got reworked or at least how far people could place changed. But man 140 ping in a new game mode…that already upset me. Im in CA usa bro! How could this game not have more players for my area you know? Almost made me want to uninstall it again…like I’d love to continue doubles but if a lot of matches are that high ping I’ll become consumed by frustration, desync, shot through walls, having high accuracy but never kiling an enemy etc.

I’ve never really liked cod, but the only one I ever actually played for awhile that I didn’t mind was the cod everyone hated. Cod AW. To me it felt fun, the fights felt fun, but a lot of people hated it as a cod game and liked the traditional cod “boots on ground” for which I feel is just unbearably boring gameplay.

I like being able to move and have the freedom to shoot in a game a lot. So I’ve always gravitated to halo, with h5 probably being my favorite halo of all time. Which to no suprise, also disliked by many halo fans for not being similar enough to the other games haha.

I feel like if those mobility versions of those franchises were stand alone, like…their own thing which didnt include the name of existing franchises, that its possible each would have been popular and not under the creative scrutiny each got. (Of course as long as the main franchise continues their tried and true formulas alongside them)

I didnt actually check your aim post out btw. I will check it out and see if theres anything ive missed in my settings that may help though with the diagnol issue. Thanks bro.

I have been saying this for so long. Halo 5 should have been a new IP because the mechanics were interesting and unique but having to sacrifice classic Halo gameplay for that is not something most Halo fans were up for.

As for the COD advanced movement, out of that Titanfall was born by the devs who first worked on Medal of Honor, then COD, then left Infinity Ward to go start Respawn Entertainment and develope Titanfall. Man do i wish we could get another because Apex is just not fun for me. I have a huge disdain for hero shooters and especially ones where 2 people can’t be the same hero. Just irks me to have to be forced into certain play styles. I would much rather have classes or comepletly open customization. Also Apex is a BR that supports hyper aggressive tactics and i don’t like that. My favorite BR is PUBG because its tense, if someone dies they are not coming back so the consequences of actions are much bigger than in Apex or Warzone where you can just thirst for kills and buy back teammates. Anyways thats the end of my rant, thanks for the conversation and good luck to you out there.

Thats awesome at least it sparked some new gameplay for other games. Apex is hard to get used to man. I like certain things about it, hate other things, and totally agree that it absolutely sucks when someone picks your preferred character. I hated that lol.

Good luck to you as well bro. Feel free to add me if you ever need a team mate. Idc if I win or lose or about my rank really. I have good/bad games just like anyone else and just play the game for enjoyment.

Nice yeah just added you, i don’t game too much these days anymore except for Wednesdays and Saturday mornings but Sat is usually Pubg with my cousin.

My friend and i do play some ranked every now and then so feel free to join us. I made it to onyx before the reset then didn’t play ranked anymore because my friend was diamond and didn’t want to play onyx people yet as he was mid diamond. But now its all fresh so time to grind again i guess.

Im down bro. Man i wish i could say i never faced onyx players as a daimond haha. Who i play with changes a lot tho. Sometimes i play with friends that are 1600s, sometimes with only daimonds. So sometimes i feel like mmr is just moving all over the place because the performance and opposition changes so much. I rarely ever play alone though. Halo isnt a good experience alone for almost anyone.

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any answer is welcome bro :wink: but but what I talk about in the first post has nothing to do with sensitivity settings, dead zones etc.

There is something broken in the horizontal and, consequently, diagonal aiming. Even setting the vertical sensitivity higher, it improves slightly, but the feeling is that you have no control …

In the old Halo the aim went where I wanted … in Halo 5 I noticed problems of this type for the first time, but in HI they are really exaggerated in my opinion.

If they removed aim assist on the controller so as not to penalize PC users too much, they made a big mistake. This game is dying, and all because of 343’s bad choices and bad programming (desync).