Aim Controls

I love this game and I want so badly to enjoy it even more. I like all the things 343 has added and a social playlist is a must and I’m glad your adding it. I know a lot of people are excited about forge and I’m very excited for people to make new and exciting maps from it! What I really want fixed is controls. Now I know 343 dropped a new update for controls and its helped, but can we please have control of when the Aim Acceleration is initiated! Aim Accel still starts way to soon. I want aim accel to start as soon as the thumbstick is “pegged” I want all of my thumbstick to be used for aiming and when the stick is pegged then the Aim accel kicks in. I want it too feel like H4 and pretty much every other Halo felt before you guys messed with the Aim mechanic in H5. I thought that’s what Outer Deadzone was for but it didn’t help and it needs to be pushed out further. Now I understand you don’t want to have the people that like the settings now to be upset so please just give us the option to adjust when the accel kicks in and just have a default so if people don’t want to mess with it they can just leave it. Also it would be awesome if we could have more turn speed like in games such as BF and COD. Halo has the slowest turn speed to date. Could you possibly give us the option of maybe 15 or 20 turn speed instead of just 10? I really love how the other halos felt and all I ever had against them was turn speed but now this aim accel is really messing with me as well.

But… they did include a setting to adjust aim acceleration…

And having a sensitivity over 10 would be pretty much useless in halo since it has significantly less aim assist that other popular titles(BF, COD.) I’m pretty sure the general consensus for perfect halo sensitivity is between 4 and 6. Maybe give it a shot? It might just change your perspective of aiming altogether.