Aim assist training vs matchmaking? Xbox

On Xbox, I noticed there was a perfect amount of aim assist in training but it was completely absent in matchmaking?

I hope this is just some difference between training customs and matchmaking builds (also noticed the reticule was more yellow in training) and not a deliberate choice. Controllers need the option of aim assist to balance against mouse and keyboard players. I think MCC gives you the option to turn it off.

It’s not that there is higher aim assist, it’s that the bots move in a way that makes them much easier to hit than players do.

The best example of this is the Pulse Carbine. It’s very reliable at outright killing bots on Marine or ODST difficulty bots, but struggles on Spartan bots and is never going to score a kill on a strafing player. That said it can still fairly reliable strip shields in a teamfights, but it’s outright bad in 1v1 scenarios.

There is an extensive post about this issue: