Aim Assist On Some Weapons Became Worse

The assist on the Commando is non-existent, and the br also got a downgraded aim assist. There are also a few other weapons that got the change. Basically, these all became useless on controller.


Well, controller players don’t matter, remember? It’s all about appeasing mouse and key so they can get the PC community playing the game rather than the people who have been playing for twenty years.

Oh, shoot! PC players left in droves. Whoops!

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The problem with Infinite’s aim assist is that the cone is too small, and the tracking is too high.

Every weapon should have a cone where your reticle movement is slowed down around the target so you can make manual adjustments to your reticle placement without worrying about breaking out of the cone just because your tiny little reticle lost direct contact while leading for your next shot.

The strength of the tracking should also be lowered, that’s the real part of aim assist that gives controllers it’s notorious advantages over M&K in Infinite, and with a wider cone, the tracking could be significantly lower, it should allow players to feel the direction their target is moving, not do all the aiming for them which is easily the most criticized issue with it on the M&K side, and is justified by how strong it is on especially the pre-patch BR, but it would be more noticeable on other weapons if their cone wasn’t the size of a pea.


you guys dont have a clue on whats even going on. The game’s own pros say commando is overpowered now and that mnk has no chance at being competitive against the controller. There are no mnk players playing this game any more because of people like you spreading your bs. The solo q mnk playlist is dead. You couldnt even find matches before it got removed. The entire mnk playerbase was butchered and you even have the audacity to blame this on them. Damn some people are pathetic. The stickyness of the battle rifle when using a controllerwhen in close to medium range combined with how hard and awful the br feels to use on mnk due to it being a 3 round burst weapon has completely ruined the game for any mnk player.


lmao you’re funny. Any mnk player that gave this game a shot has quit due to how MASSIVE the unbalance is against the controller.


The commando just received a prominent buff to its aim assist so I don’t see how this would be possible.


lmao there’s a front page thread about the exact opposite things y’all wildin’.

No, you’re wrong. KB/M has absolutely gotten crapped on.

wtf are you talking about they all got buffed


The updates to the br made it very inconsistent and frustrating to use compared to past Halo games.

Why don’t MnK players on PC just use a controller? If controller users get an advantage, as MnK players say, then switch. Halo did begin as a console game, and with a controller. That would make it a lot easier for 343.

Aim assist has not been changed. Sensitivity settings have. There is actually a known bug released with the winter update where your sensitivity settings are not being applied. Rest your controller settings to default then reapply your settings and you should notice an improvement.

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Sorry, what? I can’t hear you over the sea of 7 people left playing the game.


Probably because of the PC crowd.

What do you mean because of the PC crowd?

Not every MnK player has a controller or enjoys using a controller. Especially when this is a free to play game, and most shooter games do play better with MnK. So they’re unlikely to spend more money on a peripheral, and more likely to just blame the game being a bad port.

Furthermore they may not understand Controller is superior for infinite, and just quit because they’re aggrivated in how it plays on MnK.


I did read a article that the Xbox controller player do not have the same amount of aim assist as it does for PC players. Can this be why Halo pro think its op to Mnk?

Because if 343 did do that and didn’t tell anyone as Pc and Console players fight each other on the froms that’s beyond mess up.

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I’m a Halo fan who’s played since the beginning of Halo. If Halo fans want to utilize MnK, let them. It’s not possible for games to be successful without proper cross input mm support any way

Who did you say that to?

They’ve been vocal about aim assist. PC users are probably new to Halo too so they’re unaware of how 343 operates. If something gets patched or changed, ten other things get broken in the process. It’s a bad update.

My dude. Whenever i talk about how people on controller spread misinformation due to lack of experience and or skill i get banned or my posts get hidden. Controller players that dont have enough mechanical skill will even tell you controller has no aim assist at all meanwhile controller pros complain how casual the starting weapon in ranked is and how it’s ease of use hinders outplay potential from better players. Stats show the picture. No mnk player stands a chance against controller in ranked with the way things are now. When i meet mnk gamers in real life and ask me hey man what are you playing and i tell them halo they just start laughing at me and go like “haha what you play halo??”. Halo has become a joke in the mnk community and its sad coz halo is the only fps franchise i care about. Been playing since i was six years old in 2001.


Imagine spending 5 plus years perfecting your mnk aim in fps games only for all that training to be thrown out the window because somebody said so or because a game is terribly unbalanced. Thats not how it goes dude.