Aim Assist Is Still Bad

They fixed the weapons, but aim assist still needs work. See, it’s not strong enough. At times when firing my weapon, it feels like aim assist turns off. I hope they’ll make aim assist better. :slight_smile:


This feedback doesn’t help. You need to say why it feels bad, so people know what you’re talking about. Just saying it’s bad means nothing.

What’s wrong with it? How can we see what you’re seeing? How would you improve it?

My apologies, you’re right.

Oh this thread is about to go sooooooooo wrong wait for the KBM elitist to show up

I can only attest to what I have issues with on it, but for example:

Reticule slow (when your reticule is highlighted red while crossing an enemy it causes your look sensitivity to drop, giving easier target following) is broken. It hardly ever procs, and on the off chance it does it then immediately turns off causing you to essentially overcorrect your shot, moving your reticule off target.

It seemingly breaks during any movement (you or an enemy) to where even if you’re in the range at which it should help move the reticule onto target or loosely follow someone it just doesn’t.

Rare, at least in my experience, is the situation where you’re directly on target (no aim assist needed, reticule is dead center on either chest or head) and firing the weapon goes far beyond its recoil path and throws you completely off target in any direction. Still don’t know how this one’s possible as none of the weapons are supposed to suddenly move you like 60 degrees to the side when you hit the trigger. (Have tried two different controllers, still happened a bit)

Needs some serious work all around

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So you basically want aimbot… git gud…

If you’re thinking competent aim assist is comparable to an aim bot then I think you’ve been in too many hacked lobbies


I’ll say it’s a little weak going against the KBM elite now though like I feel with how easy they can no scope us that we should get a slightly increased aim assit/bot

Aiming is fine in my experience after I found the right settings. And aim assist is lower for some weapons (sniper, commando, skewer, etc.). Controller players DO lose aim assist, at least with the BR, when you’re in a firefight and you decide to jump (bad habit a lot of Halo 3 players have). Try not to jump in firefights unless it’s a last-ditch effort to throw off your opponent, the strafe/movement is king.

See the BR feels completely fine, little too fine with its bullet magnetism tbh, but the jumping’s never an issue with it so long as you’re at mid to close range.

yea lol the BR is easy mode on steroids, whenever i pick one up in quick play it’s over

Right? The matches where you get one or two on start in your base are a slaughter

Yeah, its still wayyyyyyyyy too strong. I play both on mouse and keyboard and controller depending on the situation but I find myself only using controller because of how powerful the aim assist is in this game. Its absolutely horrible how powerful it is. I really wish they would just completely take it out of the game tbh. Youre either gonna git gud or get over it

so, screw controller players in a FPS game that was specially designed FOR controllers, right? That sounds like a good idea. surprised 343 hasn’t hired you yet.

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Be right up their alley of awful decisions tbh

You have got to be kidding me, either this is a straight up troll post or you’re just terribad at the game. Period, there’s numerous videos out on the internet right now you can view, the aim assist is over-tuned if anything. You’re asking for even more of an advantage? I understand there’s a center dead zone with analog sticks, and that’s why aim assist was created, however, to ask for even more assistance is ignorance. The game shouldn’t be on rails, it should encourage skill gaps. There’s no point in playing an FPS if the aiming is completely done for you. Get outta here with that. I switched to controller and was DESTROYING people in match making. It’s comedic. I switched back to KB/M because honestly it felt wrong.

so here is my fix for AA but it only works if you have an elite v2, set both sticks to true diagonals, and set the aim stick to delayed so you can “feel” the AA much more, it makes it kinda like H5 sticky aim but weaker, its still noticable tho

Nah this is straight lying. Of all the videos I’ve seen people link to try and show off how “broken” aim assist is it’s always them using a weapon in its best role, spamming near point blank with the Sidekick being one of them, bullet magnetism overtune on the BR (not aim assist) being another. You are hardcore under self placebo for this

They aren’t firing or even touching the controller, they just illustrate how strong the aim assist is. They’re having players move in front of their crosshairs. It’s a step below aimbot. I’ve played both. You’ve only played controller.

Here’s what I’ve noticed. The game seems to have consistency problems in mp. I was playing campaign today and it feels much more responsive than MP. Granted I still think the entire aim system needs a lot of work. If I had to guess the server latencies are causing issues with the gun play.