Aim Assist is currently way too strong

The data I linked specifically shows the mid range. A bad/below average controller player has 5+% more accuracy on average than an above average KBM player.

Unfortunately your personal experience doesn’t speak for the reality of the aim assist. Which is why it’s important to look at facts and data. Whether or not it’s stronger or not than previous games isn’t relevant, In Infinite in general it is very powerful. Too strong compared to KBM based on stats.



The issue is crossplay. People keep treating it like it’s competitively viable, when it couldn’t be farther from it. It’s breaking one of the most basic and timeless rules in Halo’s competitive scene. Even starts.

Everyone starts with the same equipment. Controller vs MnK sound even to you? Nevermind the fact that both inputs approach aiming on a fundamentally different level; they don’t even look the same!

The answer is staring y’all right in the face.


Infinite in general is a harder Halo game than previous ones IMO. Regardless of input method. (MK being compared to MCC) Have you tried playing on MK yet? I guarantee your bad time will be worse than on controller unless you are a top 1% MK player.

But that has no relevancy to the topic. The aim assist in general isolated in Infinite is too strong compared to MK and hard data backs this up.

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That’s an observation, but isn’t an answer. Simply removing crossplay is not an option as most competitive AAA shooters have it by default and it isn’t going anywhere.

More to the point: other shooters in the FPS space also have crossplay and are more balanced than Infinite. Apex, Battlefield, and even Warzone do not have as large of a disparity between the inputs as Infinite does.

Again, perfect parity is not expected. But a slight nerf would be more than reasonable given the relative strength in competitive play and the data proves this.

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It’s weird isn’t it? This is becoming a norm somehow too in every game. It’s okay if you are MK user or controller user…but we shouldn’t be playing against each other in a competitive shooter.


I never said anything about removing it. Just turn it off by default.

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Exactly. I don’t understand why this is becoming a trend in the competitive scene. At the very least, halo’s scene.

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I think cross play brings a lot of positives to the health of a game. As referenced by the success of Warzone and Apex among others. I think in general it is good for Halo, but it can be better balanced and improved.

I think turning it off is kind of throwing the baby out with the bath water. The baby here being the longetivty of Halo on PC. Why not just improve it so it’s closer to even across the inputs?

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Because halo isn’t like warzone or other games. It’s followed the even starts rule for years with no issues whatsoever.

That alone proves that aim assist isn’t the issue. Crossplay is.

Everyone used controllers to play halo and everyone played against controllers. The playing field was balanced save for a few blemishes in the sandbox; as far as weapons are concerned.

Other than that, things were fine.

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I play on a gaming laptop and have no issues and can’t perceive any advantage that a console/controller player has had over me.

My errors make sense regardless of my nitpicks about the game.

Seems fine to me.

I have to disagree because you argument is based on a false premise and that’s that PC players are the only players using m&k. I play on a series X with a M&K and I’m experiencing the same disadvantages. It’s not a cross play problem, it’s an Aim Assist balancing problem.

As many have already mentioned there are advantages and disadvantages to each input method and that’s why we have choice, so everyone can use what’s most comfortable to them. However looking at the data right now there is to large a discrepancy between the two and that needs to be addressed. Other games have already found a good balance between the two, and I’m confident with some tweaking 343 will get there as well.


@Gym_Meathead Do you feel like you get aim assist when we play? Because I sure don’t majority of the time. In fact I know I don’t majority of the time.


@IntoVaIhalla It feels 50/50 to me. Some games my shots are spot on, others I struggle to land 1 shot. Not sure if its a desync issue, or server issue,


I have to disagree as well because you’re judging controller by mouse hardware standards.

It’s not a an aim assist balancing problem if crossplay wasn’t a thing. It’s only an issue once players start playing with other inputs and that’s where the problem arises.

Crossplay needs to be disabled by default. We’re not playing PUBG or warzone. We’re playing a non-loadout based game called Halo. Equal starts is how this game achieves its balance and by that logic, crossplay is the main feature causing problems in the sandbox.

It’s because not everyone is playing with the same equipment. You have some controller players and you have some mnk players. Regardless of what you’re playing with, my argument still stands. Crossplay is an issue at the competitive level.

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Platform and input device are two different things. I can plug a controller in to my PC or a KbM in to my Xbox. The issue is that the aim assist on the controller is too strong. It’s not balanced. There are stats out there to see as well as discussions by pro players.

Halo was historically a console and controller game. But this one is not. This was supposed to be a PC game as well. But the devs are failing by having the aim assist favor controller only.

I’m on PC, but I’m gonna be forced to use my controller just to have an even playing field. And that’s a failure on the part of the devs. Straight up.


Again. The aim assistance doesn’t matter. It’s not there for balance; it’s there so aiming feels good. That’s the only reason aim assist exists on controller. It shouldn’t be used as a tool to level the playing field in crossplay.

No one’s forcing you to plug in a controller. You just want to win. If people would stop being so stubborn and play on their platforms, we wouldn’t even have issues as everyone would be on the same playing field.

Halo is not a pc game. It’s a console game with MnK support. The only thing the devs are failing at is making that abundantly clear. Play with your platforms.

Mice use sensors to track and controllers use a joystick. Is it not clear that they aren’t balanced? Why do you keep treating them like they’re the same input? They use two completely different methods of aiming.

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Maybe you should tell the devs that. I’ve seen interviews where they specifically said that Halo Infinite was NOT intended to be a console game that is ported to PC, but it is instead a game that is released on PC as well as console. In that same interview they stated that they are striving to make the game feel as such no matter what input device you use. Just so happens they haven’t done a good job.

Get your facts straight.


Regardless of whether it’s a port or not, it wouldn’t be here without Xbox.

I suggest we at least try to be fair to the players who happily enjoyed it for the last 20 years.

Ruining their experience, by nerfing aim assist, isn’t fair to them. Choosing aiming peripherals shouldn’t punish you and its not punishing MnK players.

It feels crappy, yes, but it’s not handicapping you if you’re turning off crossplay.

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It wouldn’t be here without 343 developing it. And I am an OG fan. I’ve been playing since the first Xbox hit the shelf. And how would nerfing aim assist ruin it? By making you actually display some skill instead of having a robot do it for you? Fine leave it, but give KbM a little bump of some.

It is unbalanced, plain and simple. Google it if you don’t believe me, there is tons of videos and stats out there to show you just that. Don’t take my word for it.

Thay need to fix it. Like yesterday.


You’re the one crying over how you’re forced to buy a controller to play effectively. What’s that say about YOUR skill?

No it’s not. You’re judging aim assist by mice standards. How many times do I have to explain that both inputs aren’t the same and should not be treated as such?

It isn’t as simple as nerfing aim assist. They would’ve done that ages ago if that were the case. Crossplay was only meant for xbox and ps players to play together. Not PC.

This wasn’t an issue before crossplay was implemented. That’s proof that crossplay is the issue not controller.