Aim assist for PC controller players

Since MnK dont get aim asisist on PC i use a controller, and my aim assist just either doesnt work a majority of the time or it drops constantly. Am i the obly one having this issue or is this just flat out borken for PC?

Common issue and has been for quite a while, always a hit or a miss sadly.

Ya sadly you sacrifice a little aim assist which is non existent anyway for the ability to run 200 fps. So sad ( sarcasm)

In less thay change it in the up date Pc controller had the better Aim assist than the xbox.

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Really? How was/is it better?

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It’s all over the older forums posts you actually commented on one of them about how you wanted any Aim assist Pc or Xbox to be cut form the game.

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I’ve been having some hitreg issues lately. Switched over to the Xbox App version and that… mostly, cleared things up.

I’ve never said I wanted it to be cut from the game, I said it should be toned down.

I asked how was/is it better on PC than Xbox, and that’s your answer? Because you “read” other people saying it is, you’re just echoing. I know for a fact there is no difference.

We’re never going to agree on this and that fine but as it’s getting closer to that time were Halo Waypont will be shutdown I think it mite be better to end thing on a hig note :slightly_smiling_face: ItzTheDay it was nice being able to tock about stuff like this with you and I’m going to miss it.

It’s not about agreeing, it’s about accepting.

Since season 3 dropped I feel like I have zero aim assist on pc/controller. Combine that with desync and the game is a miserable experience.

I went 38/3 two days ago in my last Tactical Slayer match using M&K, I don’t know what y’all are talking about. It’s working just fine.

Tactical is the best mode for mnk. You don’t need aim assist when TTK is almost instantaneous

SWAT was the one place even before the Winter Update that everyone seething about MnK did have a point.

I’ve been playing almost exclusively on PC lately. I genuinely didn’t notice a difference between the two. I come out on the top 3 for accuracy with around the same accuracy I do on Xbox.