Aim assist for controller is way too strong in halo Infinite

I just would like to start that I am a supporter of aim-assist. You need aim-assist for controller players to have a chance against PC players. Though after dying over, over, and over again to controller players just using the pistol, it starts to feel like they didn’t even win the gunfight by skill. These players are not taking moments to reset bloom, they just mindlessly spam the fire trigger and are getting rewarded for it. What is the point of bloom when I am getting shot spammed across the map and just dying.

I’m not really sure how players are doing that.
Although I have experienced it.

My only explanation could be that they are using an elite controller and have mapped the back paddles in place of the trigger.

To be honest I figured that it was actually PC players that were able to spam weapon fire with the pistol like they do on Warzone with how incredibly fast they get their shots off.

I feather the trigger to shoot the pistol as fast as possible on a basic series X controller and even still I can’t shoot as fast as others, it seems as thought they are firing almost full auto or close to it.

I really don’t know…