Aim Assist and the punishment of controller

First off, I’m not nearly as smart as other people, so this will be more of a starting point for people to discuss their thoughts, and not so much as a breakdown from myself.

That being said, here are my thoughts; Being forced to lower my sensitivity to even manage to gain a kill, is very frustrating and bordering on nearly unplayable. The enormous advantage that mouse and keyboard has over controller players is extremely high. And, before the ultra-competitive players say it; yes, I know I’m bad at the game, but punishing me for playing with a controller isn’t a good way to make me want to learn and get better at it.


I agree with you 100%. You should be having just as an easy and fulfilling experience as a mouse user. You shouldn’t have to be breaking a sweat to even think about eliminating one target. So what are you wanting 343 to do? Buff the aim assist? What do you think needs to be changed that’ll make you feel ocmfortable and ahve fun in this game?


What a role reversal from the MCC experience.

My stance on this remains the same as my stance in MCC: 343 should be prepared to tweak both input methods until they are balanced. It sucks that controller players have an advantage over M+KB in MCC and it sucks if the opposite is true in Infinite.

I am not saying that balancing these things is easy or that some absolutely perfect balance that works in all scenarios necessarily exists. I am saying it can be refined and improved upon. We should aim (pun somewhat intended) to get it as close as possible. Aim for the stars and you might hit the moon.


yeah aim assist feels so whack in infinite, I know it is strong in MCC but I still think mouse is better overall so I dont mind aim assist being so strong in MCC, I have no clue what they are thinking for the aim assist in Infinite. If they want crossplay to be enjoyable at all for console/controller users I really think they should buff controller a fair ammount


I think the recoil and RoF on both AR and Sidekick exaggerates the aiming fiasco. Once your aim goes astray from either recoil or the target juking with quick movement, recovering your aim is wild, resulting in that feeling that you must sweat to get kills.

BRs are a little easier to use. Ironically, we have now gotten to where the Competitive settings in Ranked are more social than the “Social” settings.


No man, mouse is fine, many of my friends play on controller and they say it’s fine as well. Both are balanced, you just need to practice because the skill gap is a lot higher than in previous halos

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You are just completely wrong, this game is terrible for mouse and keyboard, look at popular streamers and you tubers that play primarily mouse and keyboard, they are all using controller. Mouse and keyboard is TERRIBLE in Halo Infinite compared to other PC games.


I’m finding it much easier to aim on controller than mouse tbh. It probably depends a lot on your TV.

It’s definitely been improved since the flighting, but it’s still pretty rough.


Agree. At the very LEAST I swear the aiming is inconsistent. Some matches I can hit people with the sidekick with hardly an issue, even pulling out a triple kill in one match, and in others I can’t even land the finishing shot on a guy in 8 bullets. Similar stories with all other weapons that require any precision. I can’t imagine why we have seen such a departure from MCC and even Halo 5. Aiming has always been buttery smooth in every single Halo game without exception, but now it’s like 343 is trying to reinvent the wheel from scratch. The bottom line is that unless controller gets made to feel even CLOSE to prior Halo titles, controller gameplay is just dead in the water for a lot of players, and the community deserves better than that.


Absolutely, I wish 343 would give us more feedback regarding this.

The only place in MCC where the gamepad is essentially cheating is Swat in particular Reach Swat because of how much of an advantage controller get on the first shot. Otherwise, it’s not really all that noticeable. Gauss hog in three is evil on M&K


First off, let me thank you and everyone else in this thread for sharing their thoughts, even if they disagree with me. I appreciate everybody talking about this issue.

Now, to my solution; My immediate knee-jerk reaction is to say “Yeah, buff the aim assist” but I’m gonna go a little deeper than that. Take the Halo game you think has the most balanced aim assist, for me personally, it would be 3, Reach, or 5. That should be the baseline. Now 343 should implement that baseline into social playlists, i.e. BTB and Arena, I’ll get to Ranked/Competitive in a second.

What I propose other than the straight buff is aim assist options, specifically the capability to change how strong it is, or even if it is a thing for the player. I’ll even go as far as giving an example of what the menu should look like.

Aim Assist ꜜ

  1. Off
  2. Small
  3. Normal
  4. Medium
  5. Large

The number of options would allow people to more fine-tune what specifically they need, while also allowing people to just turn it off if they don’t want it.

Now, to Ranked. My solution for ranked modes is simple; don’t have aim assist. Really, my thought is that simple. I think that no aim assist works great for a more competitive scene and makes sense for it, while it lacking in social and casual modes is a detriment.

Anyway I think this has been way more of a tangent than anything, but feel free to give me your ideas on what you think should happen too.


Know what you mean. I’d go as far as saying controller vs k/m is unplayable. I could have sworn cross-play was turned off for ranked and I just found that wasn’t true. Bad enough no radar in ranked but dealing with sweat-fest pc users that exploit flaws and cheat too makes the game frustrating and unplayable. I shouldn’t be forced to match with PC gamers who are clearly using mouse and not controller. If I play on PC I feel like the PVP will be mostly full of cheaters and I guess I blame 343i for going F2P for this.


Maybe I’ve just gotten used to it from flights, but I’ve found using a controller on PC to be very doable. I’ve been winning matches and getting kills with no major issue.

Granted, things like the sniper are very difficult (although I am nailing every shot with the Skewer), and sometimes it Ferris like I’m going right over enemies without being able to slow down. But overall my issues are minor.

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I wouldn’t say going free-to-play is the main issue, and correct me if you find any evidence of cheating on PC, but I haven’t noticed any blatant cheating. But I do think the lack of aim assist comes from them wanting the game to feel a lot more competitive as a whole than other Halo games did, and for me personally, that’s extremely disappointing.

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Oddly enough I had an easier time using the sniper than the Skewer. I genuinely can’t place it but the sniper felt good when getting hits, but I miss pretty much every shot with the Skewer unless it’s against a vehicle.

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Of course F2P is a major issue. Basically means PC gamers are immune to bans since they could just easily make new accounts while with paid games they would have to keep rebuying the game. I hadn’t noticed cheating till my recent match but when I’m getting headshots 1st and not missing shots, yet somehow there killing me with the same weapon quicker it makes me suspicious.

As for competitive I feel like there just catering to the HCS crowd while completely ignoring the majority of long term fans. I have no clue why they don’t let me turn off cross-play in ranked and I hate the lack of radar in ranked. Overall I found ranked in Infinite a stressful experience.


Agree with you completely. I can’t tell if me getting instantly destroyed by a rival Sidekick is just me, but it makes me wonder what exactly I’m doing wrong to lose that fight so fast.

The competitive thing I agree with too, I know that Halo 5 was similar. Similar in that it was built more around HCS and E-sports rather than the core fanbase, and it seems like they’re doing it again.


Know what you mean. I feel like 343i forget that Halo is not meant to be over the top stressful in ranked. It makes me seriously wonder what the hell 343i were thinking since it gives players little room to improve if the matchmaking skill system is a mess. I liked the original flight but after playing recent beta in ranked it’s making me hate ranked altogether because 343i seems to cater very little for anyone that isn’t interested in HCS settings. They should have just added separate playlists for HCS and normal ranked then gave people option to turn off cross-play since I don’t want to have to deal with PC cheaters.