Aim Assist and sensitivity needs addressed

Esports is competitive. Halo is supposed to be fun. Jus ask any of the older gen.

It was all about fun.


I am the older gen. I was 20 when Halo CE and Xbox was released. Been playing all Halos until Halo 4 was released.

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I have no experience with those games as I have never played them, so I cannot comment on that.

@l_HyperLethal_l btw, have you ever tried PUBG on Xbox?

I know Pubg has no aim assist, but that’s PUBG. This is Halo. A party game.

What works for PUBG won’t necessarily work for Halo.

My only concern is that controller and mkb get the help it needs.

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PUBG can be a party game, too. It’s actually more social in squads than Halo. But yeah, I just remember you didn’t know PUBG had no AA. Just curious if you have tried it out.

Nope. PUBG looks kinda like DayZ but without zombies.

Much better than DayZ. Plus PUBG knows how to do content. Halo should learn something from them.

Because controller. It’s really as simple as that.

if controller never existed (and/or isn’t in the OP state that it is in), nobody would be complaining that KBM “doesn’t feel right”. KBM feels completely fine, everything is 1 for 1. You miss your shot, you miss. There is so much headroom for errors with controller that it’ll correct your errors. You do not get this with KBM. Your perfects are earned, that’s why they are rare. Human errors are always made. Errors are made with controller, too but controller corrects them for you.

There’s a hand full of videos online back when AA would turn off on PC while using a controller. Just look at the down spiral that happened to those players games. Went from landing perfects left and right to not even hitting a shot. Yes, it is a dramatic difference from going full on to full off but that shows you just how over tuned the AA is. If AA “wasn’t strong” or “OP”, then there would be little to no difference with or without it.

But, I’d like to think we’re past that myth of AA not being over powered. Right? By now, we all should know it is.

This is the reason why KBM pretty much doesn’t exist anymore. The reason why you don’t see the high level players in the tournaments. Those high level KBM players ARE high level players, but they stand no chance against a good to decent team with controllers.

So you’re just actually not reading anything about what I’m saying why bother replying.
Play MCC and KBM and Controller both feel good.
Halo was designed to have forgiving aim, it was never about having perfect accuracy or missing shots. If you are slightly hovering over the target and the reticle turns red (also deleted from PC which also is an issue) then you are supposed to hit, this is by design, it shouldnt be “a slight hit is a miss.”
The games were always easy and accessible to get into and yet even with assists extremely hard to play against actual professionals.

AA in previous games is better, currently you need to aim at a target, with a tiny slowdown ontop of the target, after which it locks on and tracks if you are (obviously unintentionally) making your controller’s sticks drift.
In previous games you would only get a slowdown and you’d still have to aim yourself. Going to this system would be both an improvement in controller feel and would give more control to the player rather than let the game aim for them. AA is currently not an assist but rather an auto tracker, but only if your sticks drift.

You also keep saying that “KBM feels completely fine” and that we can “all agree controller is the REAL issue here” yet there’s been many many people complaing that THE GAME FEELS BAD TO PLAY and even then when someone literally replies to you stating they have such an issue you just completely ignore their opinion while stating “fixes” that would only make the game feel worse for people while not making it better for the KBM community at all.

Halo has always been accessible and easy to pick up and play and extremely competitive at the top end. It has never been about trying to learn to aim and struggling with dogwater controls in order to even play the game. If you don’t see this as an actual issue after having played the games since the very first one then I legit don’t know what to tell you

You should give them a shot as it would help you to make a more balanced opinion and maybe understand aiming is not as fluid as it should be.

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