Aim Assist and sensitivity needs addressed

You’re going to try and tell someone they don’t know what they’re talking about, yet you don’t know the difference between your and you’re? Ok, kid.

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This is what I don’t totally agree with. KBM feels fine to me, both the movement and aiming. I had no issues with shots that I felt should had landed that didn’t. A miss is a miss. I pointed out a few different videos of people using controller, that their crosshair was not on their opponent yet they got the win. This isn’t the case with KBM, a miss is a miss. If you watch some of Mintz clips at .25 playback speed, you’ll see how his crosshair and hit markers are off target yet he gets rewarded the win. Dusttin Bowerman was a top KBM player, he moved on like the rest, you can analyze his clips and see that same scenario doesn’t apply to him. Simply because he’s on KBM.

So, there really is no need to “improve controller” any farther.

I used this before…

If you mod a Miata to keep up with a Ferrari only to over mod it and suppress the Ferrari. You don’t mod the Ferrari to keep up with the modded Miata, you detune the Miata to bring it done to the Ferrari.

So, there really is no need to “improve controller” any farther.

I used this before…

If you mod a Miata to keep up with a Ferrari only to over mod it and suppress the Ferrari. You don’t mod the Ferrari to keep up with the modded Miata, you detune the Miata to bring it done to the Ferrari.

Except both inputs are terrible because of reasons I already stated and the many people/threads that have popped up since the beta regarding controller feeling bad or off.

You seem to disregard basically all points I’ve had about why aiming is bad in this game solely because according to you a feature doesn’t work properly on KBM but does on controller and your “fix” is making the controller input worse so both parties feel miserable playing the game rather than actually making it fun to play.

Besides one of my points was the lack bullet magnetism, which has been a staple in the series forever and one of the many reasons the games always felt good to play. You place your reticle on an enemy and you will hit them regardless of accuracy aside from the sniper. The lack of this system combined with the smaller reticles is why hitting targets is hard. “A miss is a miss” is not how Halo was designed, it’s designed around tracking targets, long ttk, positioning and not flickshooting with accuracy unless you’re using a sniper which is the sole exception.

The game needs to be good to play, not worse. Stop thinking about this in a controller vs kbm manner. The aiming systems are bad and the core design philosophy behind them are misunderstood by 343. The game needs to be better.


It may feel fine to you, but I find it odd how Kbm never gets used at the high-level Halo tournaments nowadays.

Being stuck in this controller vs kbm mindset is what’s going to hurt this game in the long run. The devs should be making sure both inputs are up to par and feel good to use, first and foremost. After all, this is an FPS and the first mechanics introduced to the player is the aiming controls.

Which means, aiming mechanics are highly important to get right in order to make a good impression on the player.


Because controller. It’s really as simple as that.

if controller never existed (and/or isn’t in the OP state that it is in), nobody would be complaining that KBM “doesn’t feel right”. KBM feels completely fine, everything is 1 for 1. You miss your shot, you miss. There is so much headroom for errors with controller that it’ll correct your errors. You do not get this with KBM. Your perfects are earned, that’s why they are rare. Human errors are always made. Errors are made with controller, too but controller corrects them for you.

There’s a hand full of videos online back when AA would turn off on PC while using a controller. Just look at the down spiral that happened to those players games. Went from landing perfects left and right to not even hitting a shot. Yes, it is a dramatic difference from going full on to full off but that shows you just how over tuned the AA is. If AA “wasn’t strong” or “OP”, then there would be little to no difference with or without it.

But, I’d like to think we’re past that myth of AA not being over powered. Right? By now, we all should know it is.

This is the reason why KBM pretty much doesn’t exist anymore. The reason why you don’t see the high level players in the tournaments. Those high level KBM players ARE high level players, but they stand no chance against a good to decent team with controllers.

That’s too late. We’re almost a year in and not a f i n g word from 343 about this issue. They can’t do anything now, they had almost a full year to tweak it and try it in practice but nope, nothing. They can’t touch controller now, too much time has went by to handicap controller. It was already said by a Halo pro player. The only way to make KBM valuable is to nerf controller but 343 won’t do that. They’ll lose their majority player base, the casual’s because they’ll suck even more.

Idk man mnk doesn’t feel 1 to 1. I’ve plYed overwatch and splitgate and aiming in those feels significantly better. They also have reticule customization so that definitely helps me out


I’ve played Counter-Strike Source and their aiming feels much better than Infinite’s.

Something isn’t adding up with ItzTheDay’s statements. He says kbm is fine as is. If that’s so, why does controller need a nerf?

It makes no sense. Halo is supposed to be a fun party game. Fumbling with aiming settings every 5 seconds isn’t fun.


Maybe it’s because Kbm is underperforming like many have already said.

You say it’s fine and I think that’s :billed_cap: sir. It’s entirely plausible that 343 simply screwed up the development with mice settings.


I’ll try to find a way to type this and explain, but it’d be better showing you in person. CS and Halo are very different, I think we both know that. Halo’s aiming with KBM is fine, there is nothing wrong with it. Halo does give you what you can call “defense” with it’s very quick strafing transitions. There is no slow down when transitioning. It is very snappy and instant. This is one of the main issues for KBM users to handle. So yeah, compared to controller it can feel “bad”, but that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with KBM’s aiming.

AA is just too strong. It keeps your crosshair locked on to the enemy and keeps the reticle within the “hitbox/bullet mag” zone and I don’t care what anybody says, that zone controller receives is bigger than what KBM receives.

Edit: Also, if 343 does anything to KBM they’ll most likely increase the “hitbox” zone.

It’s not that I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying. I do, but the the logic makes NO sense.

It’s not even the least bit sensible. Controller isn’t stopping Mkb from competing. 343 is. You know as much as I do that Halo isn’t a hyper competitive game and yet you’re trying to push decisions to make it one.

That’s not going to make the game thrive. It’s just to push the casual community out. That’s not what you want.


Strafing in the two games I listed is instant as well. Now you can debate in overwatch some hit boxes are bigger however Many are as small if not smaller than halos and yet mnk players and myself included have no problems Hitying our shots consistently on those players. Dps characters like soldier, tracer etc hit boxes are smaller than halos. Splitgate models and hit boxes are about the same as halos and it’s strafing is instant. I can react a lot easier to someone strafing. I don’t believe the mouse input is truly 1:1 raw input as other games. I don’t use a mnk in halo anymore because it feels awful. I know I’ll
Be at a disadvantage against Rollers, however even in mnk solo/duo playlist I refuse to play that because mouse aiming just feels god awful. Not to mention halos reticules are so ridiculously large no mnk player would ever use those except on weapons like shot gun or rockets.

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But it is. There’s eSport pros making a living with Halo in the competitive scene. Which means it’s competitive.

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Esports is competitive. Halo is supposed to be fun. Jus ask any of the older gen.

It was all about fun.


I am the older gen. I was 20 when Halo CE and Xbox was released. Been playing all Halos until Halo 4 was released.

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I have no experience with those games as I have never played them, so I cannot comment on that.

@l_HyperLethal_l btw, have you ever tried PUBG on Xbox?

I know Pubg has no aim assist, but that’s PUBG. This is Halo. A party game.

What works for PUBG won’t necessarily work for Halo.

My only concern is that controller and mkb get the help it needs.

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PUBG can be a party game, too. It’s actually more social in squads than Halo. But yeah, I just remember you didn’t know PUBG had no AA. Just curious if you have tried it out.