Aim Assist and sensitivity needs addressed

Aim Assist in halo infinite does not help your aim it harms it.
so 1 it needs to be fixed. 2 there should be an option to turn it off.
and we need more sensitivity options, for instance it should be a percentage 1%-100% 100% should be far to fast and 1% should be far to slow. as it is I have it at 10 and its not fast enough, I have to make up for this by having acceleration higher than I’d like.


Aim assist is fundamentally broken, it has the tracking aspect from previous titles but lacks a lot of the bullet magnetism, aim slowdown, smaller reticle sizes upon which aim assist is based. Ontop of that aiming curves are just way different and you can’t get them as high as in previous games.

Add to this that players have no inertia (slowdown or startup speed) like in previous games and you get people that can randomly strafe with massive speeds while having worse aiming systems, which even messes up some pro players that play the game at the highest level.

This has been a thing since the multiplayer flights (all the aiming settings topics where people said “its just your settings the game is perfect”, which apparently isn’t true when you look at someone like Critical Infinite who goes in depth into all the aiming systems in his videos) and is probably not getting fixed considering it’s been a year already and people say that this game has the best core gameplay ever


hopefully with the new leadership it will get better, after all the head of 343 is now the man that fixed mcc after 3ys when no-one thought it would be fixed.



Aim assist is the main reason why Halo is dead in the KBM community.


Aiming being trash in general is the reason it’s dead. Let’s come off the “aim assist” bad train already.

It’s very obvious that kbm is underperforming but going with this stupid narrative only serves to further divide the fanbase.


I wouldn’t say it’s “the” reason, but it’s one of the main reasons it’s dead on PC/KBM. Just about all of the top KBM players have moved on. Those guys don’t really care about all the empty promises that 343 have failed to deliver. With things like forge, split screen coop, etc. This is the main reason for console players and/or the ones who liked Halo 4 and 5.

Give me a Halo game that plays like Halo 2 and 3 but with sprinting and todays graphics/tech and full KBM support.

Again, I’m both a sticks and clicks person but I have no problem calling out the BS from either or.


Sensitivity is really slow in this game. My aim assist experience sometimes when I need help with that last headshot and a different enemy comes in to the room right behind his friend and it drifts toward them rather then the one shot guy is aggravating.


Well, don’t hold your breath. It seems like they’re ignoring complaints from both controller and kbm players.

I’ve made several posts complaining about it and not one has gotten any sort of recognition.


I’m not and I haven’t, that’s why I gave up on Halo over 8 months ago. Act Man made a pretty good video…

Ah yesss.

Act man makes some pretty good vids, but recently they’ve been telling me things I already knew.

I didn’t know that Bonnie Ross “promised” that every FPS game 343i makes will include split screen.

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I recently just learned as well.

What’s even odder, split screen appears to be in relative working order. You could even access it now via a bug.

ya you see that it messes up your aim it slows it down and moves it but dose not even get on target, just messes you up if you left thinking aim assist is op your the worst player in the world sorry to say.

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Yeah, sure ok.

Do you casually game? Couch and TV or a desk and monitor set up? Your stats show you have no issues with aiming being a roller player with a 64% HS accuracy. Try plugging a keyboard and mouse in and play crossplay.

halo infinite sucks that’s why I don’t have much playtime on it, desk and mon I play games all day and it seems to me that I was better then you before I even got my glasses (half blind BTW) also I play every game I can with aim assist off here’s my battlefield stats a game I play around in a lot not even trying hard with no aim assist

Yo, this is incredible! subbed!

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Cool story, but turning off aim assist in Halo isn’t an option.

You really can’t compare our stats as you play Halo with a roller and I played with KBM. It’s like comparing laps times in the same car but you have an automatic with traction control and ABS and I have no assist and a manual. Your car is correcting your mistakes, just like a controller is in Halo.

Also, your Halo stats are not impressive…at all.

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Yeah, a number that I believe is often thrown around is “15%” by the community, which is the increased amount of accuracy by controller users over KBM users. The issue however is both feel terrible so going “well we can’t improve controller because KBM will be even more than 15% behind” isn’t helping the game.

Aim assist in previous games is actually objectively better. You get faster acceleration depending on input, rather than it feeling random like in Infinite. When you do get close to your opponent you then get slowdown/magnetism after which you still have to actually put the reticle on the opponent, but the game does help tracking the enemy when they’re moving.

Halo Infinite doesn’t have the slowdown except when directly targeting the enemy (at which point why bother with slowdown in the first place) and the game then automatically tracks as well. Since there is no magnetism around the target but only on the target this pretty much turns it into a game of “aiming at the target is awful and when you finally do it turns into lock-on”. Ontop of that this system seems broken to the point where you have to turn your deadzones to 0 because stick drift = input = activation of aim assist. It doesn’t assist you in aiming, it takes away helping you aim and aims for you when you do.

Now other design decisions would improve the game overall in my opinion, like adding inertia to remove the instant jiggle strafing, which would remove randomness while trying to hit someone (which extremely shafts KBM players as well) and increasing reticle sizes and bullet magnetism, because the reticles, also for KBM players can be rather difficult to keep on target for the entirety of a fight considering how long TTK is compared to other games.

And when you finally put all these things together the game also tells you when it’s finally time to pull the trigger the game has issues where some reticles aren’t even accurate. Weapons like the shock rifle have a relatively large reticle but you won’t be hitting anyone with it as it’s essentially just a dot in the middle of your screen. But luckily the game tells you you’re able to pull the trigger and hit the enemy because of the fundamental mechanic that turns your reticle red… oh.

Another broken thing is that Halo Infinite has no headshot prio. In other games you roughly aim at the head, with a precision weapon and the head gets focused. In Halo Infinite people have been saying “aim assist is gone when the shield drops” but the reality is that you’re just not getting any headshots in because the game doesn’t have headshot prio from previous titles.

Lacking acceleration curve from previous titles
No slowdown around target makes aiming miserable and turns aim assist into lock-on
Aim assist only works when moving or an unintentional workaround by inducing stick drift.
Less bullet magnetism shafts both KBM and Controller
Lack of inertia and instant strafing makes targeting opponents awful, especially on KBM.
Smaller reticles and incorrect reticles not truly showing where you can hit.
Lack of headshot priorisation makes people think that aim assist turns off on shield pop.
Lack of red reticle means you don’t even know that when you aim at the enemy your bullets should hit.

Keep in mind that both inputs are terrible and one being better and people/pros being good at the game with the least bad in-game settings doesn’t mean that the systems are actually good from a design standpoint.

I’ve played Halo since 2 on console and I play both arcade shooters like BF/CoD and stuff like Tarkov which have entirely different aiming systems but are all systems I can get into, Infinite I cannot.


Yes and no, today’s auto’s are faster than any human can shift manually but if mistakes are made in a manual with no assist, the car isn’t going to correct your mistakes. Like I said…“Your car is correcting your mistakes, just like a controller is in Halo.”

That’s cool, but you’re using a controller in Halo. You’re getting aim assist regardless.

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The main things that need to be fixed is

  1. My sensitivity disappearing when a player has no shield. 343 talked about this but failed to acknowledge it which makes me think they intentionally made it like that for some stupid reason.

  2. The tracking for Plasma and Hardlight Weapons as well the damage is horrible.

  3. The Sentinel Beam has never had any type of recoil in any Halo game but for some stupid reason 343 wants to add it in Halo Infinite. Like how does the AR have less Recoil than the Sentinel Beam it literally makes no sense.

  4. The Visual Effects for when your shield is gone. Which is supposed to be one headshot.

  5. All the stupid random inconsistent Weapon Damage and Melee Lunge Distance. :rage:

  6. Dsync

If these things where fixed the Multiplayer experience would be much better.